Shining Stars

“You were going to find out anyway.” I say as I take off all of my bracelets . I get up and sit next to him, tears falling from my eyes, holding my wrists out for him to see them. “Just like these.” I whisper.


33. Secret Spy's

Mia's POV:

I jog downstairs with my bag and walk outside. Today is the day that Eve and I decided to spy on the guys. Calum said that they we're gonna hang out at Michaels house for the day for practice or something.

"Mia!" Eve yells from the side walk. "Where the hell are you going?"

"Your house." I say.

"My brother is home you idiot. And Katie and Jase arn't home. Get the hell back in your house!" She yells.

I laugh and Eve gets in her car and parks it in my garage so her brother doesn't know we're not at school. After she comes in the house and comes into the kitchen. "Michael said the guys are going to his house around eleven." Eve says as she gets some frozen waffles.

"Well, we have four hours." I say. "Didn't you just eat?"

"Nope. I don't have any more waffles." Eve complains.

I laugh. "So what's our plan? Just look through michaels basement windows and scare the shit out of them?"

"Pretty much. And if they see us we will run into the back yard and hide in his bushes." Eve says as she starts eating.

I laugh slightly. "We are total idiots."


I slowly jog over to Michaels basement window, hiding behind Calums car. I can't believe I came up with this idea.

Eve and I hide beside a window and laugh at each other. "We're secret ninjas." Eve laughs.

I laugh and watch the guys play. Their singing She Looks So Perfect and we can faintly hear it. Eve and I high five each other. We quickly move our hands away, knowing we did it infront of the window. "Shit." I mutter.

Calum looks up at the window as he sings and stops playing. "Run to the back yard!" Eve yells.

I quickly get up and laugh as I run into the back yard. We get in between Michaels house and bushes and hide there. I honestly feel like I'm in a horror movie right now and I don't know why.

I bite my lip from talking as I hear the guys outside. Eve and I both stay still as they come out into the back yard. "Hey Michael, are your pushes supposed to be blonde and brown?" Ashton asks.

"What?" Michael says.

I keep my head down and bite my lip. "I think I know who they are." I hear Luke say. I feel the footsteps in the ground as Luke comes over and lifts our heads up. He laughs and we both stand up.

Calum laughs and so does everyone else. "You idiots! You're supposed to be in school." Michael says.

"We wanted to see what you guys do while we're gone." Eve laughs.

We both walk out of the bushes and wipe the dirt off of our clothes. "When we're not practicing, we usually stay home alone and think about you guys." Calum answers.

"I didn't need to know that." I say.

Ashton laughs. "I stay home and get mad when my sister or brother get sick at shool because I have to pick them up."

"I just annoy Calum." Luke says.

"Oh my god, He needs some help with that. Like seriously, I get mad." Calum complains.

"You love me and you know it!" Luke yells as he jumps on Calum. I laugh and so does Eve.

"Are you going back to school?" Michael asks.

"Hell no." Calum answers for us. "They're staying with us." He smiles, wrapping his arms around me from behind. I giggle and lean my head against his chest.

"Well then I get Eve for a day longer. You guys should really go home." Michael winks.

Ashton laughs. "Well, I call shotgun in Calums car." He says as he starts running to the car.

"Like hell you are!" I yell as I race after Ashton. I kick Ashton in the leg as I reach the car after him.

"I feel like I'm taking care of children!" Calum says as he gets to the car with Luke.

"Get in the back Mia," Luke laughs. I shake my head and fake pout. "Calum, can I throw her in the car?" He asks.

"Go ahead, just don't hurt her." Calum smirks. I roll my eyes and scream as I'm being lifted up in the air. I slam down on the seat and groan as I sit up.

"This is totally not fair." I laugh as Calum drives down the road.

"Don't make me make Luke tickle you." Calum says.

Luke's hand goes toward my feet. "Luke I swear to fucking god I will kill you." I say. If someone tickles me on the feet, somehow in the process I actually will end up hurting them. One time, I kinda kicked Calum in the nose.

"Yeah, you have to sit on her legs first, because she will kick you in the nose, but I'm the only one who can sit on her legs." Calum says as he pulls into Ashton's drive way.

"Hey!" I warn. "That was all your fault. Bye Ashton!"


Calums arms wrap around my waist as we stand in the living room. "What's your excuse for school gonna be?" He chuckles softly into my ear.

"That Eve and I both got sick from a resteraunt." I say.

"Sounds a little cheasy but good." He laughs I roll my eyes and turn around so I'm facing him. I softly skim my lips against Calums and he whines. "Kiss me allready." He mumbles as he kisses me hardly.

I smile and wrap my arms around his neck as I kiss him. After the kiss, Calum swings me over his shoulder and brings me upstairs. I laugh as I straiten my sweatpants as I'm on his shoulder. When we reach his room he throws me on the bed and sits on my legs. "Please don't." I laugh.

Calum smirks and he rests his hands on my sides. He laughs and straddles me to kiss me. Calum lays down on me and I groan. "Not to me mean or anything but Calum, you feel like a fat ass."

"It's because of these steel muscles." Calum laughs as he lays beside me. I roll my eyes and kiss him softly before I curl up in his blanket and pillow. "Mia?" He asks.

"Yeah?" I say. He looks concerned and almost worried. He's never like this.

"What's gonna happen when I go on tour again?" He asks. "That's been bugging me ever since we got back."

I sigh. I honestly don't know. It's hard to think about so I usually keep it off of my mind. I really love Calum, and I would do anything to keep this relationship going through his career. "I don't know." I whisper. "Maybe I can go on tour with you again? I won't have school. Dad's money all went to me, and that's enough to retire at my age." I smile.

Calum smiles and laughs softly. He kisses my nose. "You always make me feel better." He whispers. I smile and curl up into his chest

Sorry for the horrible chapter. It sucks in my opinion. Hope you all like I though. Love you allxx


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