Shining Stars

“You were going to find out anyway.” I say as I take off all of my bracelets . I get up and sit next to him, tears falling from my eyes, holding my wrists out for him to see them. “Just like these.” I whisper.


4. My Life?

Mia POV:

I sigh as I lay in my bed, watching Carrie. Its been about three days since i’ve seen Calum, and I’m lost without him. My dad has been worried but I just ignore him. Just then my phone starts to sing. I quickly answer it, knowing its Calum.

“Hello?” I answer.

“Hello my beautiful Mia.” I giggle and then he continues. “Will you be able to meet me at my place in 20 minutes?”

“I believe I can.” I say.

“Oh, and if you can stay that would be great too, I miss you.”

I blush at his words. He misses me. He, misses me. “I miss you too. See you soon.” With that I hang up and get dressed. I put on some skinny jeans and a hoodie. I tie my hair up into a bun and start to walk to Calums house, since he only lives a few blocks away. Luckily my dad isn’t home.

After about 5 minutes of walking I finally reach his house. I open the door to see Calum’s brown eyes staring down into mine. A small smirk forms his lips and he wraps his arms around me, pulling me close. “Oh have I missed you.” He whispers against my forehead as he softly kisses it.

I blush and look down at my sneakers. Just then his hand is around my arm and he drags me up to his room. He plops down on the bed and I sit in his black spinny chair, putting my legs on his lap. “Tell me about your life.” Calum says as he plays with my shoe laces.

I gulp. “My l-life?” I mutter. I don’t have an amazing life. My mum died when I was 13, I got bullied at school. And one day, I couldn’t take it anymore. I wasn’t the best person and I’ve always wondered why Calum would even want to be with me.

“Yes, your past.” Calums eyebrows furrow together. “Are you okay?”

I stare into his brown eyes for a moment. “My mother died when I was 13.” I mumble, staring down at my hands. I move one of my bracelets up, revealing a scar.

“Mia, I-I’m so sorry.” Calum whispers softly.

“You were going to find out anyway.” I say as I take off all of my bracelets . I get up and sit next to him, tears falling from my eyes, holding my wrists out for him to see them. “Just like these.” I whisper.

Calum takes my one hand and carefully runs his fingers across the scars, as if any slight pressure would make them cut open. He pulls my hand up to his lips and kisses each one with a soft kiss. Tears fall from my eyes, leaving tear stained cheeks. “I’m sorry.” I whisper. “Don’t leave me.”

Calum sits up, still holding my hands, and kisses me slowly. “I never will, I love you.” He mumbles against my lips.

He loves me. “I love you too.” I whisper. Calum wipes off my tears and a small smile spreads across my face.

“Lets go to sleep.” He whispers.

“But I don’t have anything to sleep in.” I giggle.

Calum laughs and takes off his grey shirt and tosses it to me. I stare at him, my eyes tracing all of his muscles. He looks so god damn sexy. So perfect. “Like what you see?” Calum asks, taking me out of my daze. I laugh and go into the bathroom to change. I take off my hoodie and skinny jeans. I then put on his shirt and the smell of mint fills my nose. The shirt dangles above my knees a couple inches, tickling my skin. I walk out of the bathroom to find Calum sitting on the edge of the bed, playing with my bracelets. “Tomorrow do you wanna see me and the guys practice?” Calum asks.

“You’re in a band? I didn’t know this.” I say as I sit down next to him.

Calum chuckles. “Yeah, Michael, Luke, Ashton, and I. We’re called 5 Seconds of Summer.” He says, excitedly. I smile at how proud he is with his band.

“I’ll go with you tomorrow.” I say.

Calum smiles brightly, showing his tiny dimples. He hugs me tightly and then lays down on the bed with me. I stuff my face in his chest, with his arms wrapped around me. His warm breath tickles my neck as he rests his head there. With his strong arms wrapped around me, I fall asleep.


“Mia, we have to be at Luke’s in an hour.” Calum says as I roll over in bed.

I groan. “I don’t want to get up. Plus, I don’t even have a shirt to wear.” I whine as I sit up in bed.

Calum laughs and tosses me an old Nirvana shirt. I groan as I walk to the bathroom with my skinny jeans. I tuck the shirt in the jeans and then tie my hair into a ponytail. I quickly put on my bracelets and shoes and then jog downstairs. I laugh once I run into Calum at the bottom of the stairs. He kisses my cheek and we walk out to his car.

Soon we arrive at the Luke’s and I see Eve’s red car. “Is Eve here?” I ask.

“She might,” Calum says as he gets out of the car. “Michael has a thing for her.”

“Yeah, I know. She likes him too.” I laugh.

We both walk into the house and Eve squeals once she sees me. “You’re here!”

I laugh as she hugs me and sit down next to her on the couch. “Luke, are you gonna introduce me to your new friends?” I hear a ladies voice from the hallway.

“Yes mum, this is Mia, Calum’s girlfriend and her friend Eve, Michaels girlfriend.” Luke explains, pointing to Eve and I. “And this is my mum Liz.”

“Hold up! You and Michael are dating?” I ask Eve with wide eyes. “Oh, and um, sorry Liz." I say. I feel bad for not letting her say anything but it just shocked me that I didn't know that Eve and Michael were dating. I'm surprised that she didn't tell me.

"Yeah, you finally asked her?!?" Calum asks.

Michael nods. "We've been dating since last night." Eve explains.

I squeal and hug her. I then smile at Liz. "It was very nice meeting you." I say.

Liz smiles. "You girls are just too funny. It was nice meeting you too."

I laugh. "Well let's go downstairs to practice." Ashton says.

Luke nods and we all follow him downstairs. There is a drum kit, two electric guitars, an acoustic guitar, and a bass guitar on one wall while there is a couch and a chair on the other. There are some amps for the guitars too.

Calum goes over to his bass guitar and starts to tune it. I smile at him as he tunes it. I know I've said this before, but he's just perfect. He's tallented, funny, cute, sexy, everything that a perfect guy is made of. How the hell is he with me? The shy girl that likes the old rock songs and not the new songs today. The girl who's mother died and was bullied because of it. The girl who cut.

"Want some almonds?" Eve asks, snapping me out of my thoughts.

I nod at her and take some, along with a bottle of water she got me. I sit on the couch with Eve and watch Calum as they start to play. He smiles at me as he begins to sing and I smile. He gets into his music like he is his guitar. The way he closes his eyes as he plays, how he moves his body along with the guitar.

Soon they are done playing their song and they all sit on the couch with us. Luke sitting on the head rest beside me, Calum sitting behind me with my head resting on his chest, Ashton sitting on the arm of the couch, and Eve on Michaels lap. "So, what did you guys think?" Michael asks.

"Amazing." Eve says with a bright smile.

"Perfect." I say. It's true, they did play like perfection.

All the guys have smiles on there faces and I lean my head on Calums shoulder as I take a sip of water. "Do you guys play anything?" Calum asks Eve and I.

I shake my head. "Nope." Eve answers for both of us.

"One of these days I'm gonna teach you how to play guitar then." Calum says.

"Good luck with that." I say. "I'm not good at learning new things."

"Oh, we'll find a way." Luke says.

I roll my eyes and we all sit around and talk for a while. After about an hour Calum and I decide to leave so he can take me home. "Do you wanna come in?" I ask as we pull into my driveway.

"What about your dad?" He asks.

"He won't be home for another two days, business trip." I say.

Calum smiles. "Then I'll come in."

I smile and walk up to the front door, I then unlock it and slide off my shoes by the door as I walk in. Calum does the same and looks around my house. "Wanna see my room?" I ask.

"Sure." Calum says with a smile.

I giggle and jog up the stairs with Calum behind me. I then walk into my room and Calum looks around, almost like he's amazed. My room is just a normal room to me. Aqua walls, posters of bands all over, a queen sized bed in the corner with a black and white bed spread, and a desk. I also have a dresser and a flatscrene and a bookshelf.

I plop down on my bed, hugging my pillow, and watch Calum. "I'm guessing that you like my room." I say.

Calum laughs. "Yeah, I do." He says as he sits down next to me.

"What do you wanna do?" I ask.

"Well, I haven't done this today." He says as he leans over me, making me lay down on the bed.

Calums lips crash onto mine and our lips move in sync. I know it's cliche but I can feel the sparks between us. His kisses are like no one else's, they're just perfect. Calum places his hands on my waist as he straddles me, and I wrap my arms around his neck. I feel Calums hands slide up my shirt a little bit and he starts to tickle my sides. I scream and laugh.

I catch his wrists and pull his hands away from my sides and he laughs. I laugh and kiss him slowly. We both release from the kiss to catch our breath. "I love you." Calum whispers as he looks into my eyes. Telling me that he means it, that he truly means it.

I smile. "I love you too." I whisper, looking into his eyes.

Calum smiles and kisses me softly and slowly. We both make the kiss more passionate and I feel his tongue skim the bottom of my lip, wanting an entrance. I slowly accept the entrance and our tongues collide. A soft moan escapes Calums lips as we kiss. He then kisses my cheek and down my neck.

"Calum." I whisper.

He stops and then looks into my eyes. "I'm sorry."

"No, no it's okay." I say as I sit up.

"Just tell me when your ready." He whispers as he wraps his arms around me from behind. I smile and lean into his chest.

"I will." I whisper. "Let's watch a movie." I say, changing the subject.

"The Hunger Games?" He asks as he goes over to my bookshelf, looking at the movies.

"Sure, that's my favorite." I say.

Calum smiles and quickly puts in the movie. He sits against the head of my bed and I sit in between his legs. Calum plays with my hair as the movie plays and sometimes plants soft kisses on my cheek and neck.

I love how he can do this, make me feel like I'm the only girl in the world. I love how he makes me know that I'm his and that he's mine, we belong to no one else. I just love him.

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