Shining Stars

“You were going to find out anyway.” I say as I take off all of my bracelets . I get up and sit next to him, tears falling from my eyes, holding my wrists out for him to see them. “Just like these.” I whisper.


7. Movies.

Mia POV:

The sunlight stings my eyes as I open them. "What time is it?" Calum mumbles under his breath.

"Ten in the morning, weren't you supposed to leave last night?" I ask.

"I think your dad came in and told me I could stay the night. I don't remember 'cause I was half asleep." He says.

I laugh and get out of bed and grab some clothes. I take a quick shower and comb out my hair. I leave it down and put on some black short shorts and a green day shirt that's tucked into my shorts. I put on my black beanie with the word 'love' on it and walk out of the bathroom. By the time I'm done it's already 11:30.

"What do you wanna do today?" Calum asks as he changes the channel on the TV.

"We should go see a movie." I say as I sit down next to him.

"Annabelle?" Calum asks.

"But it's scary!" I whine.

"But I'll be there, and we can cuddle like this." Calum says as he pulls me in his arms, putting a pillow in between us, like it's the arm of the chair. "And you can hide in my shirt." He says.

"Fine." I say. It's hard to say no to him. Expecially if I get his soft kisses durring the movie.

Calum smiles and we both go downstairs to see my dad in the living room. "Thank you Mr. Lane for letting me stay last night."

"Your welcome, and please call me Andy." My dad says.

Calum smiles and nods. "Dad, is it okay if we go see a movie?" I ask.

"Sure." He says.

I smile and Calum and I go out to his car. Calum intertwines our fingers together before he starts to drive. I can't help but think to myself why I'm the one he wants to be with. Why does he want to be with the small girl who has a horrible life?

"Calum," I say.

"Yeah?" He asks, looking at me for a moment and then keeping his eyes on the road.

"Why me?" I ask as we pull up to a red light. "Why do want to be with me? The small girl who's mother died, the girl who has a terrible life, the girl who c-"

Calum stops me before I can continue. "Mia, I love you for your personality. How it's so easy to make you blush, how you smile, your laugh, your beautiful eyes that I don't understand that not everyone can get lost in. I love you because your a fight everything that's bad in your life and how you love." Calum explains.

I stare at my lap and blush. "See, just like that." Calum says as he pokes my cheeks. I giggle. "And that laugh, so perfect." He says.

I laugh again and squeeze his hand. "Promise me you won't ever leave." I whisper.

"I promise." He whispers as he picks my hand up and kisses it.

I smile and then we pull into the parking lot at the cinema. Calum pays for our tickets and we go up to the stand to get popcorn. Calum pulls out his money to pay but I stop him. "Let me pay." I say.

Calum just shakes his head and pays. "Why don't you ever let me pay?" I ask as we hand the man our tickets for the movie.

"Because I want to pay." He says.

I roll my eyes and steal some popcorn and throw it at the back of his head as we walk into the theater. Calum takes my hand and laughs. We find a seat in the middle of the room and I sit as close to Calum as I can.

"Mia, the movie hasn't even started yet." He whispers in my ear.

"I know, I just love cuddling with you." I whisper.

Calum smiles and wraps his arms around me and I start to eat the popcorn, feeding him some of it. Soon the movie starts and at the really scary parts I hide my face in Calums shirt. Calum chuckles into my hair as I do this and I glare at him. He then kisses me and I end up smiling.

After about an hour and a half the movie is finally over and Calum wraps his arms around me as we walk out of the cinema. "Did you like the movie?" Calum asks as we reach the car.

"I liked the parts that I could actually watch." I say sarcastically as I buckle up.

"What can I possibly do to make you forgive me from making you watch that movie?" Calum asks, sarcastically as he smiles at me.

I smile. "Kiss me." I whisper.

Calum smiles and cups my face in his hands. He then slowly but hardly kisses me. I wrap my arms around his neck and his find my waist. I smile against his lips as we both release from the kiss.

"Instead of taking me home will you take me to Eve's house?" I ask as Calum drives off.

"Yeah, where does she live?" He asks.

"Just a block from my house, I'll tell you when we get there." I say.

Calum nods and intertwines our fingers together. He rubs his thumb over my knuckles as we listen to the radio. "Text me later." Calum says as we arrive at Eve's house.

"I will. Bye." I say and kiss him softly.

Calum smiles. "Bye." He whispers.

I then get out of his car and knock on Eves door. Her mother opens the door. "Hi Mia! It's nice to see you again." She says.

I smile. "You too Mrs. Roberts. Is Eve in her room?" I ask.

She nods and I smile and walk to Eve's room. "Your lovely but bitchy best friend is here!" I yell as I walk into her room.

Eve laughs. "You scared the living shit out of me."

"Well I just got done watching Annabelle with Calum so I kinda beat you there." I say as I plop down in her beanbag and start to look through Netflix.

"You, the only person I know who is super super terrified of scary movies watched Annabelle? That's worse than the Conjouring, you know. Wow." She says.

I laugh and nod. "I liked the parts that I could actually watch."

Eve laughs. "I have to ask you something." Eve says, getting more serious. "Have you and Calum done 'it' yet?" She asks

"No, he said that when I was ready we could. You know how I am with that stuff." I explain.

"Oh, well Michael and I kind of-"

"Holly shit! Really? You and Michael?!? Oh. My. God!" I scream, interrupting her.

"Will you keep it down? My parents and my brother don't need to know!" She whisper yells.

I laugh. "But still, wow." I say. "But um, is it scary?"

"No, it's amazing. Painful at first but amazing." She says.

"Okay, I'm gonna stop you there before you get into detail cause I know you will." I say.

Eve laughs. "You spending the night?"

I nod and text my dad that I'm spending the night at Eve's I then pick out a movie on Netflix.

I start to think of Calum and how much he loves me. I never thought that a person like me would find a guy like him. I don't know what I would do without him.

Hope you like it xx


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