Shining Stars

“You were going to find out anyway.” I say as I take off all of my bracelets . I get up and sit next to him, tears falling from my eyes, holding my wrists out for him to see them. “Just like these.” I whisper.


6. Meeting Dad.

Mia POV:

It's been about a month since Calum and I have been dating. His band has a record label now and he's so excited. My dad is home for good now since he can work from home. It's great having him here but sometimes it's hard because I can't be off with Calum as much. It sucks when I can't be with him. I know there is texting and calling but it sucks. It's not the same as being with him. But Calums parents moved out of their home and gave it to Calum since it's all payed off, so it's nice that we can be alone at his house.

I jog down the stairs into the living room to see my dad watching football. "Dad, can I talk to you?" I ask as I sit down.

"Yeah, what's up sweetie?" He says as he pauses the TV.

"Um, well Eve has a boyfriend and he's three years older than her. She really wants to tell her parents but she's scared. What should she do?" I ask, hoping he doesn't think that I'm the one with the boyfriend.

"Well if Eve was my daughter, I would have to meet him, and see from there." My dad explains.

I smile. Thank god he would just have to meet him. "What if I um, was the one with the boyfriend?" I ask.

"My daughter has a boyfriend?" My dad asks with a smile.

I smile back and nod. "For a month."

"A month? Why didn't you tell me Mia?" My dad asks.

"I was scared, I was afraid you would get mad because he's 18 and I'm only 15." I say, my eyes welling up with tears.

"I not mad. As long as he doesn't hurt you and I can meet him it's okay." He says.

I smile. "This weekend if he can?" I ask.

My dad nods with a smile and I go back upstairs to my room. I grab my phone and call Calum. "Hey beautiful." He answers.

I smile. "Hey, you know how you've been wanting to meet my dad?" I ask.

"Yeah, when can I?"

"This weekend? He said he didn't mind." I say.

"Perfect." Calum says. I blush slightly. "I'll see you tomorrow then?" He asks.

"Yeah, be here around five." I say.

"Okay. I love you, I have to get back to work." He says.

I smile. "I love you too, bye."


And with that I hang up the phone, terribly nervous for tomorrow.


"So he's coming over here later?" Eve asks as she sits on the end of my bed.

I nod. "Yeah, he's gonna meet my dad." I say. "Did Michael meet your parents yet?" I ask.

"Yeah, my mom loved him. My dad is on the skeptic side though." She says. I laugh and continue to flip through my magazine. "Wait, since he's coming over in like a couple hours does that mean I have to leave?" Eve asks.

I nod. "Sorry." I say.

Eve glares at me and finds something on TV to watch. "What should I wear tonight? Should it be anything special?" I ask as I go to my closet.

Eve comes into my closet with me and finds a pair of peach skinny jeans and a grey long-sleeved top. I then find a matching peach scarf and go into my bathroom to put them on. I then put on some peach eyeshadow and eyeliner, along with mascara and a little bit of blush.

"Like I said, you can pull anything off." Eve says as I walk out and she hands me my grey uggs.

I laugh. "Thank you, now go!" I say.

She laughs and goes downstairs. I hear her say bye to my dad and the front door shut. I then look at the clock, Calum should be here in an hour so I should start making dinner.

"Dad!" I yell as I jog down the stairs. "What do you want me to make?"

"Make your famous pasta." My dad says as he sits at the island, doing some of his work.

I smile and start to cook the chicken on the stove and sautae the mushrooms and the broccoli. Then I cook the noodles and alfredo sauce. I then start to bake the garlic bread and mix the pasta together in a large bowl.

"Dad, you better be nice to Calum." I say as I place the pasta and the garlic bread on the middle of the dining room table.

"No, I'll end up killing him sweetie." My dad says sarcastically as he moves his papers into his office.

"Dad!" I yell.

"Oh, calm down I'll be nice." He says.

I laugh and then I hear the doorbell ring. "Stay here." I say.

I then race to the door and open it. I smile once I see Calum standing there, looking down at his shoes. He is wearing a grey flannel shirt and black pants. I smile at how nervous he is. "Hey," I whisper.

He looks up at me. "You look beautiful." He whispers.

I smile and blush. "Come on, my dad's gonna think that we're making out or something if we take too long." I say.

Calum laughs. "I wouldn't mind that." He whispers.

I laugh and roll my eyes, taking his hand and guiding him into the dining room. "Dad, this is Calum, and Calum this is my dad." I say as we meet my dad in the dining room.

Calum shakes hands with my dad. "It's nice to meet you Mr. Lane." Calum says.

"You too Calum, come on let's eat." My dad says. I sit down next to Calum and my dad sits I front of us. We all serve ourselves. I only take a small amount because I'm not that hungry. "So," my dad says. "What do you do?"

"I work at Foot Locker, and I'm also in a band with my friends, we have a record label and everything." Calum explains.

"You guys must be good then." My dad says.

"Yeah, we're starting to make an album."

I continue to eat my food and start to zone out of their conversation. After about twenty minutes we're all done eating and I start to do the dishes while my dad and Calum sit at the island, eating icecream. When I'm done doing the dishes I sit down next to Calum and steal a bite of his icecream.

"So dad, do you like him?" I ask.

Calum stares down at the table, clearly embarrassed. "Yeah, I do." My dad explains.

Calum smiles. "Thank you Mr. Lane."

My dad smiles back and then it weakens. "I hate to say this but if you were wondering why you only got to meet one parent, Mias mother died two years ago." My dad explains.

I bite my lip to stop the tears filling up in my eyes. "Dad, he knows." I choke out.

Calum holds my hand under the table and rubs his thumbs over my knuckles and it relaxes me. "Yeah, I know. I'm really sorry for your loss." Calum says.

My dad nods and then looks at the clock. "Wow, we've been talking for two hours." He says, changing the subject. "You two lovebirds can go do whatever for a couple hours but Calum has to be out of the house by ten." My dad says.

"Fine," I say as I drag Calum upstairs into my room. "He likes you." I say as I shut my door.

Calum laughs as he lays down on my bed. "I guess he does."

I sit down next to him and he steals my scarf and starts to play with it. I laugh and lay down next to him, using his arm as a pillow. "I'm tired." I whisper as I close my eyes.

"Same here, maybe I can take a nap before I leave." He says. I smile and nod and curl up into his side. Calum plants a soft kiss on my forehead and we both slowly fall asleep.

THEY FINALLY MET!! He finally met the father. I honestly like this chapter. Love you all for reading! xx


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