Shining Stars

“You were going to find out anyway.” I say as I take off all of my bracelets . I get up and sit next to him, tears falling from my eyes, holding my wrists out for him to see them. “Just like these.” I whisper.


42. Liverpool

Mia's POV:

An aggravated groan escapes my lips as I storm up Calums stairs. "Get your lazy ass up!" I yell as I open his door. "Calum. We have to leave in a fucking hour." I say as I drag him out of his bed and onto the floor.

"Shit, Mia." He groans as he stands up. "I'm going, I'm going." He says as he walks into his bathroom to take a shower.

I roll my eyes and grab his- surprisingly already packed- bags. I walk outside and throw his and mine into his car. Today we're leaving for the first flight of the tour. In two hours our flight takes off for Liverpool and we have to be there in an hour. I already said goodbye to Katie and Jase this morning. Katie was a little upset but she finally got over it, knowing that I would only be gone for two months and Calum would be for six.

"Are you forgetting anything?" Calum asks as he jogs downstairs while putting a beanie on.

I look around and check my pockets. "No, are you?" I ask.

"You're forgetting something." Calum smirks. I roll my eyes and softly kiss him. "That's better." He smiles. "Let's go."

Once we finally make it to the airport we find Eve, Michael, Luke and Ashton. "Wow late ass." Michael says as he sees us.

"This was all Calum. I had to go to his house and drag his ass out of bed." I say. Eve laughs and takes my bag.

We put all of our bags in the baggage area and then after a while board the plane. "Are you scared?" Calum asks as he looks out the window. "We're going high high up in the sky." He laughs.

"Shut up." I laugh and lean my head against his shoulder. Calum softly kisses the top of my head. "What are we going to do when we land?" I ask.

"Well, Liverpool is eleven hours behind our time, so when we get there it will probably be sometime early morning for them since it's noon for us right now. When we land I guess we'll have to just catch up on our jet lag before the show tomorrow." Calum explains.

I smile. "Only if I get to cuddle with you."

"Oh of course you do." Calum smirks.


I stare up at the city lights as we walk out of the airport with our bags. Calum calls a taxi as I look around at the city of Liverpool. It's amazing here. Just then I see two taxis. Eve, Michael and I hop in one while Calum, Luke and Ashton get into the other.

"How long are we in Liverpool?" I ask after Michael tells the driver the hotel name.

"A week. After the show on the last day we leave for I don't know where." Michael explains.

"You never know where we go. I feel like one day we're going to get lost." Eve says.

I laugh as we pull up to the hotel. "I wouldn't be surprised."

I quickly pay the taxi driver and grab all of our things from the trunk of the cab. Calum comes over beside me and kisses my cheek before he grabs one of my bags. "We have to share a room with Luke." He whispers as we check into our rooms.

"Mia, if you say one word I will kill you." Luke says as he hands me the room key.

"Oh shut up." I laugh as we make our way upstairs into our room.

Once we reach our room I look around to see a beautiful room. A separate bathroom, a small kitchen and two beds, along with a TV and a desk. "If you two fuck each other I will quit the band." Luke says as he throws his bags on a bed.

I laugh and collapse on to the other bed. "Aww now we have to do it just to make Lukey mad." Calum laughs as he lays down on Luke's bags.

"Calum your being an ass." Luke groans as he throws a pillow at him. "Let's go to bed." I laugh as I watch Calum lay himself down on Luke's bed and gets under the covers. "Fine then." Luke simply says as he takes off his shirt, leaving him in his sweatpants and crawls under the covers of his bed. "I'll snuggle with you tonight and Mia can be alone."

I giggle and go to the bathroom to change into my sweatpants and tie my hair into a messy bun. I walk out to see Calum still in Luke's bed and Luke trying to push Calum onto the floor. "Both of you are idiots." I state as I climb into bed. "I'll just be alone and you two can have gay sex with each other."

"Eww gross." Calum exclaims and quickly jumps into bed with me.

"One kiss out of you two I will make sure both of you fall and break your legs." Luke laughs as he throws a pillow at us.

"Oh shush! Go to sleep!" I yell as I shut off the light.

Luke an Calum both laugh and I curl up with my extra pillow. Calum softly kisses my shoulder and pulls me closer to him. I smile softly and fall asleep in his arms.

I hope you all liked the chapter. And THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH FOR THE 60 FANS!! I know it's not a lot of fans really but still thank you all for them. I know it's not much but to thank you all I decided to update this and 'She's Okay' for you. Don't worry, a 'Secrets' update will he coming soon. I love you allxx


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