Shining Stars

“You were going to find out anyway.” I say as I take off all of my bracelets . I get up and sit next to him, tears falling from my eyes, holding my wrists out for him to see them. “Just like these.” I whisper.


15. Journal

Calums POV:

My fingers stretch across the bed trying to find Mia. She's not there. I immediately shoot out of bed and then I hear her voice.

"Ashton! I need some god damn milk for my damn cereal!" Mia yells.

"I bought the damn milk and it's almost gone cause your boyfriend had to drink it all in the middle of the night!" Ashton yells.

I laugh. I knew this would happen. I walk out of the room in just my pajama pants and into the kitchen. "What the hell is going on out here!" Michael yells as he joins me, along with Luke.

"Calum had to drink all the damn milk and I can't have none cause freakin Ashton bought it!" Mia yells.

"First of all, I didn't drink shit! It was all Eve cause I saw her when I went to get WATER." I explain.

Mia sighs and storms into Michael and Eves room. I find her dragging Eve out of the room and into the kitchen. "What the hell Mia!" Eve yells.

"You drank all the damn milk and I can't have none now cause of Ashton over here." Mia trails off.

"Mia, Shh." I whisper as I walk towards her.

"But.. I just want some milk." She wines.

"How about we all go out for breakfast before we get on the bus?" I ask everyone.

Everyone nods and Luke hits Ashton in the back of the head as they go into their room to change. I watch Mia as she picks out her clothes. Her Coldplay shirt and black shorts she quickly puts on.

"Did you pack your Coldplay shirt?" She asks. I nod. "Can you wear it with your black jeans? We can be twins! You gotta wear your 'love' beanie too!" Mia cheers as she puts on her 'love' beanie in the mirror.

I laugh and nod. "I will, and when we get on the bus we can make Louis mad, okay?"

"Okay." Mia smiles.

I walk into the bathroom to brush my teeth and get dressed. I really hate Louis now. I never thought that I would hate one of the One Direction members on this tour but I do. He knew I'm with Mia because she was sitting on my lap. I just can't believe him.


We all walk into a cafe and pick out a round table to sit at. "Why are you guys being twins today?" Eve asks.

I point to Mia, Eve just laughs and nods. I feel Mia kick me from under the table and I stare at her, like I was hurt. She smiles and kisses my cheek before going up to order all of our drinks. She soon comes back with two pumpkin spice lates, two black coffees and two hot chocolates. I take my hot chocolate and Mia takes her pumpkin spice late.

I watch Mia as she stares out the window, then I hear screaming. I quickly turn my head to see five girls rushing up to us, wanting autographs. The guys and I gladly accept the wanted pictures and autographs as we take it all outside.

"Can I get a kiss on the cheek?" One girl asks.

I look back through the window to Mia. She nods slightly as she taps her pen against the table. "Sure." I smile at the girl. She gets her camera out and I kiss her cheek as she takes a picture. "I have to go now, back to my girlfriend inside." I say.

"I heard about her, she seems awesome on Twitter. Bye!" She says.

I smile at her and walk back inside with the rest of the guys. I look down ontop of Mia's bag. A journal? It's her journal.

"That girl, she said you were awesome." I say to Mia, ingoring her journal.

She smiles slightly. "She followed me on Twitter yesterday."

I smile. "We have to go, Jack wants us on the bus." Luke says as he grabs his bag.

We all grab our bags and drinks, and walk the short way to the bus. Luckily there arn't any fans here. We all quickly pile onto the bus, Mia and I holding hands. Louis stares at our hands and then frowns.

"It worked." I whisper into Mia's ear. She giggles, making Louis even more mad.

We walk through the buss with Zayn showing us around. There is a lounge in the very back with a flat screen, xbox with millions of games, bean bags and a couch. Then there are four bunks, two on each side of the buss, then a bathroom, five more bunks, and then the 'kitchen/living room' of the bus. It's huge but amazing.

I throw mine and Mias things into our bunk and we all go into the lounge. "FIFA?" Nial asks.

Mia's POV:

"Yes!" Michael yells. Here we go again with the FIFA. Eve laughs as Michael takes a controler along with Louis and Nial. They all start playing FIFA and Calum wraps his arms around me from behind, placing me in his lap on the beanbag.

"I think you should do your homework, you haven't done any yet." Calum says.

"Homework?" Harry asks.

"I'm missing school in Sydney for this tour. I have to make up the work that I'm missing." I explain. "Same with Eve."

"She hasn't done shit yet." Calum says.

I glare at him. I really really don't want to do my homework. Eve gets up and drags me towards the bunks. "We're doing your homework cause I got some done yesterday." She says.

I groan as I sit down on the bottom bunk with her. I grab my stuff from the top bunk and I open my bag. I see my journal sitting on top.

I knew I was going to need it on this trip. The jealously would over take me, and it did this morning. I wrote down how I felt, how sad, worthless, unloved I felt.

Hope you all like this chapter, or love it!?! I know I suck at writing but I'm thankful for everyone who likes it!

Love you allxx


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