Shining Stars

“You were going to find out anyway.” I say as I take off all of my bracelets . I get up and sit next to him, tears falling from my eyes, holding my wrists out for him to see them. “Just like these.” I whisper.


53. Goodbye

Mia's POV:

I sigh as I roll over in bed. Today is the day that Calum and the rest of the guys leave to finish tour. I really don't want them to leave. Its gonna be hell without them here for four months.

Calum is out with his family right now before they leave at noon. Eves on her way over but all I think I'll do is cry. I can't go four months without Calum. I barley made it one month.

"Mia!" Eve yells as she opens my door. "Get out of bed! You need to dress pretty, be happy!" She cheers.

"Its hard to be happy right now." I mumble into my pillow.

"Listen." Eve says as she sits down on the edge of my bed. "I know it's going to be hell without them here, but they'll be back. They'll still love us no matter what." She explains. "Its going to be okay."

"Okay." I nod.

"Now get up, get a shower and I'll pick out your clothes. Don't worry, I'll make you super bad ass." Eve laughs and pushes me out of bed.

I laugh and walk into my bathroom. "Don't make me look like an idiot!" I yell as I close the bathroom door.

"Yeah, yeah." I hear Eve laugh.


I slide on the black skinny jeans Eve picked out for me to wear, along with a red and black checkered flannel. I roll up the sleeves and lay my hair to the side as I do my make up.

"You look so sexy, Calum will want to do you in that airport." Eve laughs.

I laugh and look at her in the mirror. She looks more beautiful than I do. Her hair is always perfect and her outfit perfectly matches with Michael.

I look over at the clock to see that its eleven. The guys have to get on the plane around noon. "We should go." I say as I tie on my boots.

"Okay, come on, I'll drive." She says.

We both jog downstairs and I text Calum, telling him we're on our way to the airport. Eve and I talk the whole way there, about stupid things. We don't talk about the boys at all, just about school and other stupid things.

Its nice. Its nice not talking about the things that we're worried about right now. It helps me not worry as much and I really like that.


I smile once I see Calum. His teeth shows as he smiles once he sees me. "Hey," He smiles and wraps his arms around my waist.

"Hi." I smile and kiss him softly. Calum kisses me passionately and holds my hands in his. "I love you." I whisper as I look up at him.

"I love you too." He smiles brightly.

"Im going to miss you." I whisper as I look down at our shoes. "I'm going to miss you like crazy."

"Mia, it'll be okay. I'm going to miss you too. So much, but we'll make it. I promise we'll make it." He whispers and kisses my forehead.

I look up at him. "Okay." I whisper.

Calum smiles and so do I. He holds my hand as I walk over to give Luke and Ashton a hug. "We're going to miss you Mia." Luke whispers.

"I'm gonna miss you guys too." I sigh, tears threatening to come out.

Michael comes over and gives me a hug while Eve gives Calum one. "Mia, its gonna hurt like hell but you and Eve can do this. Okay? We're not leaving for good, we'll be back and we'll text and call. We'll do everything to keep in contact." He explains, his eyes red.

"Okay." I nod. Michael let's go of my arm and I walk back over to Calum again. His eyes are red and I can't help but cry. He holds me as close as he possibly can.

"Listen to me." He whispers against my temple. "I love you so much and nothing will ever change that. I promise."

I look up at him. Tears shape his face. "I promise too." I whisper.

"Just remember how we used to look up at the stars. When we wished upon them. Remember those days and all of our favorite days." He whispers.

"Okay." I whisper and kiss him one last time. Our lips move in sync and his fingers play with my hair.

"I'll see you soon Mia." He whispers after the buzzer rings for him to load the plane.

"I'll see you soon Calum." I whisper.

Calum runs his fingers through my hair and then turns around to get on the plane. He looks back with tears pouring out of his eyes.

We both wave and at the same time we both smile at the same time. I watch as he walks down the hallway with everyone else to board the plane. I look over at Eve to see she's balling like I am.

"Come on." Eve sighs. "Let's go back to your place. I really want one of Katie's cookies."

I nod and we walk towards the door of the airport. Once we walk out the door I look over to see the plane they're on.

Four months. I can do it. Even though it might be hell, I can do it. Calum believes in me and I believe in him. We both can do this. No matter how many miles apart we are. We'll always be together and wish upon the same stars.

One more chapter left for the epilogue!!! I really hope you guys loved this story. I love you allxx


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