Shining Stars

“You were going to find out anyway.” I say as I take off all of my bracelets . I get up and sit next to him, tears falling from my eyes, holding my wrists out for him to see them. “Just like these.” I whisper.


22. Dream

Mia's POV:

"Mia what the hell happened to you?" Ashton asks as he looks at my scars.

"Mia, do you cut yourself?" Michael asks.

I just stand there and nod. They won't accept this. They never will. They probably think I'm stupid.

Calum and Eve explain everything to the guys. I just stand there with my arms crossed so they don't see all my scars. "You know, trying to kill yourself is the easy way out of things." Luke says. "That's just stupid."

I look up at him, tears in my eyes. I knew they would think like this, that I'm stupid and a coward. "You were just a coward and you probably are now." Ashton says.

I cry and sink to the cement ground around the pool. I wrap myself in my towel and sit there and shake. They hate me.

"Mia, Mia wake up." I wake up to Calum saying my name as he shakes me awake. I sit up and hug him as I curl up in his chest and cry.

"They hate me Calum." I mumble.

"Who hates you?" He asks as he kisses my forehead.

"The guys. When they found out about my scars. They think in a coward." I explain through my sobs.

Calum turns me so I'm facing him. "Was that what you were dreaming about?" He asks. "Mia, they love you." He whispers. "Don't you remember? They were so worried about your scars." He explains.

It's true. It was just a dream. They did accept it.

(Flash back)

"Oh my god. Mia what the hell happened to you?" Ashton asks.

I cross my arms, trying to hide my wrists and the cuts on my sides. I release from Calums grip and just stand there. I wish I never came out here. I don't want to explain.

"I'm sorry," I whisper.

"Sorry for what?" Luke asks.

"Mia," Michael comes over. "Did you cut yourself?"

I nod and everyone looks at Calum and Eve. Calum and Eve explain everything. I just stand there, my arms still crossed, staring at my feet.

"This isn't gonna change anything." Ashton says, making me look up. "We're not going to treat you any different."

"Yeah, we're still gonna annoy you and Eve all the time. If you like it or not." Luke says.

I laugh and Calum wraps his arms around me. "See, we all care and love you." Calum says. "Well I love you more."

(Flash back ends)

I stare at the wall as I remember. "Th- they did accept it?" I ask as I look into Calums eyes.

Calum nods. "Mia, it's okay." He whispers. "We all love you." Calum wraps his arms around me and rests his head in the crook of my neck. "Don't ever think differently."

I sigh and curl up in his arms. I can't believe I would think that they never accepted that I did cut. Calum softly kisses the back of my neck. I smile and hold his hand. "Come on," He whispers. "Let's get out of this hotel."

I smile and nod. We've been in this hotel for a whole day yesterday and we all just need to get out for a while before the show. I take a quick shower and braid my hair down the back, leaving pieces to frame my face. I put on some natural make up and put on a white sweater since it's December. I then put on my black skinny jeans and my ugg boots. I walk out of the bathroom to see Calum putting his shirt on.

"By the way your looking at me right now, I think I should leave this shirt off." Calum smirks as he turns around.

I laugh and kiss his cheek. "I'll be with the guys and Eve in Michaels and Eves room, hurry up."

Calum smiles and steals a quick kiss from me before I walk out of our room. "Are we going to the cafe down the street?" Ashton asks as he walks with me to Eve and Michaels room in the hotel.

I nod. "Yeah, then in a couple hours you guys have your show, and we're off to New Jersey." I say.

"I can tell you miss home." Ashton says. "Don't worry, I do too."

I give him a small smile as we walk into Eve and Michaels room. Luke is already there, and Calum arrives shortly after us. "Ready?" Eve asks.

"Yep, let's go!" Luke says.

We all walk to the cafe and somehow manage to sit in a booth. Calum, Luke and I sit on one side and Eve, Michael, and Ashton on the other. We all get hot chocolates and doughnuts for breakfast.

"This is the best doughnut I've ever eaten, but I would rather have vegimite." Ashton says as he takes a bite of his doughnut.

"You and your damn vegimite." Eve says as she rolls her eyes.

"We all love vegimite." Luke says, while the rest of the guys nod.

"So do Eve and I, but we don't eat it every day like Ashton." I say.

"True, Ashton you do love it." Michael says.

Ashton gives a bright smile and we all laugh. "You know, someone's birthday is next month." I say.

"Who's?" Calum asks.

"How much of an idiot can you possibly be?" Luke asks. "It's your god damn birthday next month."

"Oh yeah," Calum says. "Too bad we won't be home then, we get to be home for Christmas for like two weeks."

"But the tour is done in the beginning of February, we can celebrate at home then." Michael explains. Calum nods with a smile, agreeing to the plan.


I fix my beanie as I watch Calum, Luke, Michael, and Ashton sing from backstage. They are staying on the whole concert tonight and are playing with One Direction too. After their first song they sing Teenage Dirtbag with One Direction. Eve and I die as they screw around on stage. Ashton sings along with Calum because he isn't on his drums. Luke and Nial jamming out together. Michael and Louis jamming out together and Harry trying to steal Lukes guitar to play along to the song.

They look like they are having the time of their lives right now. I don't think they can believe that they have made it this far with their band, nor do they realize how they did it. But they did. And oh my god is it the best thing ever.

They all come running into the dressing room after the show. They are so sweaty it looks like they just got out of the shower. Calum comes over to me, wanting a hug. "I'm sorry but you have to change before you get a hug from me." I say as I point to his soaking wet shirt.

Calum laughs and quickly changes his shirt. "Better?" He asks.

"Better." I say as I hug him tightly. He kisses me softly and makes me sit on the couch with him. We sit there for a couple minutes before the guys go out to meet the fans. Calum kisses me before he leaves and I stay inside with Eve.

"Did you finish your school work?" Eve asks. "I did."

I nod. "Just one speech left to do for ASL."

"I never understood that class." Eve says. "But you sure as hell have to be smart to be in it"

I laugh. "Academic sports league, you go to the 'games' with different schools and compete against them. What your score is determines if you get a medal." I explain. "But you have to study like shit though."

Eve laughs and after a while the guys come back inside from meeting the fans. We all pack our things and take a cab to the airport. Calum kisses me as we board the plane. "I can tell you miss home." Calum says as I lean my head against his shoulder. I sigh and Calum holds my hand as he rubs the palm of it with his thumb. "When we go home in a week, you can stay. I promise for the month I'm gon-"

"I'm not gonna stay home. I want to be with you for your birthday." I cut him off. "And I'm not going to start school without you, Calum." I whisper.

Calum smiles and kisses my cheek. "When you start school, just remember one thing." Calum says as he looks into my eyes. "I love you, and I will beat their asses if they hurt you."

I giggle and nod. "I'll remember that." I smile.

Calum smiles and kisses me. Soon we board the plane and off to New Jersey we go from Chicago. Then after Chicago, New York, then... Home.

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