Shining Stars

“You were going to find out anyway.” I say as I take off all of my bracelets . I get up and sit next to him, tears falling from my eyes, holding my wrists out for him to see them. “Just like these.” I whisper.


25. Christmas Eve

Mia's POV:

It's been about five days since my dad has died. The funeral was horrible. I cried the whole time and I had something to read. Eve read it for me while I stood beside her. Everyone has been really supportive but it sucks. Katie moved in and has became a second mom to me. She has her breakdowns with me, and it sometimes helps.

Yesterday I managed to get Calum a present for Christmas. I went to the music store in town and got him all of blink 182's albums, along with all of Green Days, and some of Led Zeppelins and Nirvanas. I know he loves these bands and he said to get something that means something. I hope this is what he means.

I sit at the kitchen table as I wrap the albums in wrapping paper. "Are you coming back Christmas afternoon?" Katie asks me as she walks in the kitchen.

"Yeah, I hope you don't mind I didn't get you anything." I smile.

"I'm offended!" Katie smirks and laughs. "No, it's fine Mia. I didn't really get you anything either but I did find this." Katie says as she goes out into the living room. She comes back with a small wrapped box. "I found it in your dad's office."

I take the box and open it. Inside there is a silver necklace with an infinity sign. On the infinity sign hangs a clarinet. I look on the lid of the box.

"To my daughter who always liked rock and somehow plays it with a classical instrument." I read aloud. A tear falls from my eye and I look up at Katie. Katie smiles and takes the necklace. She places it on me and hooks it under my hair.

"Come on girly, you have to get to Calums don't you?" Katie says as she ties the bow around all the albums.

I put on my leather jacket and my combat boots. I take the present and my bag and start to walk to Calums house. As soon as I step in front of his door Calum opens it. I laugh and he takes me in his arms.

"Calum, I have shit I'm holding." I laugh. Calum laughs and let's me in. I set his gift on the table in the living room. I see he has a tiny Christmas tree ontop of the living room table. "I love your Christmas tree." I say sarcastically.

"Oh shut up." Calum smirks as he comes over to me. He kisses me softly and slowly. "Merry Christmas Eve." He whispers. "What that around your neck?"

"A necklace my dad got me for Christmas. Katie found it in his office." I explain, biting my lip from breaking down again. Calum looks at me to make sure I'm okay and kisses my forehead before he takes the necklace in his hand.

"It's cute." He smiles. "But not as much as you."

I giggle. "Do you want to open presents now or tomorrow? It's 10pm now." I ask.

"Let's do it now." Calum smiles. I take his present and follow him into his room. I sit on his desk and Calum goes into his closet. "Close your eyes." He says.

I close my eyes and cover them up with my sleeve. Calum comes over and slowly takes my hands off of my eyes. I open my eyes and Calum is holding a violin. I get up and take it. "You got me a violin, Calum this must of caust a lot."

"I didn't buy it. It's my grandmas old one and my sister didn't want it." He explains.

"Calum, I can't take this." I whisper.

"Mia, you deserve it. My mum said I could give it to you." Calum smiles as he wraps his arms around me and kisses me.

"Thank you." I mumble against his lips.

"Your welcome." Calum whispers. Calum then takes his present off of the desk and sits in the chair. I sit on the end of the desk and watch him open it. He pulls out each disk one by one, smiling at each one. He takes the 'American Idiot' album by Green Day and puts it in his stero.

"Don't wanna be an American idiot!" Calum yells as the song plays. He dances around the room like he does with his guitar. I laugh and Calum picks me up. "Thank you for all of my favorite albums." Calum says as he spins me around.

I laugh as he sets me down. "You're welcome." I giggle.

Calum laughs and shuts off his radio. He sits down on the bed and I sit with my legs crossed in front of him. "Mia," Calum whispers as he takes one of my hands. "The day after New Years we're leaving for tour again. I really want you to come Mia but everything that has happened in the past week I think it would be better for you to stay. Eve said she would stay if you stayed and you don't even have to go back to school." Calum explains.

I think it would be better for me to stay too and be with Katie and Eve. But oh god am I going to miss Calum while he's gone. "What about your birthday?" I ask.

"Mia, I come home five days after that. I'll skype you every day and call you every night before you go to bed and I'll give you late night texts to wake up to." Calum whispers. "I know it will be hard but I promise I will wait for you."

"I promise too." I whisper. "We will make every second count before you leave right?" I ask.

"Of course." Calum smiles. Calum pulls me into his lap and kisses me softly and slowly. A soft moan escapes my lips as he kisses down my neck. "Including now." He smirks.

I giggle and wrap my arms around his neck as I kiss him and tug on his sweater. Calum takes it off and I take off my jacket. Calum lays me down and quickly shuts off the lights. He puts the covers over us and slowly slides his hands up my shirt. I alow him to take it off as he does. I giggle as he kisses down my stomach. "May I take these off?" Calum mumbles against the hem of my skinny jeans.

I nod and Calum slowly takes them off as he kisses me. I unbutton his skinny jeans and he kicks them off as I run my fingers through his hair. Calum slowly takes off my bra and throws it on the floor. "Your perfect." Calum mumbles against my shoulder.

I smile and kiss him. "And so are you." I whisper against his lips. Calum smiles as he kisses me and his hands find the waist of my underwear. He slowly slides them off and I do the same to his boxers.

With all our clothes on the floor,

The lights off,

And our bodies touching,

The clock turns midnight,

And it's Christmas.

I hope you all like it. Do any of you know what your getting for Christmas?? I DO!! Haha, but seriously I hope your all liking this fanfic and my other one 'Secrets' Love you allxx


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