Shining Stars

“You were going to find out anyway.” I say as I take off all of my bracelets . I get up and sit next to him, tears falling from my eyes, holding my wrists out for him to see them. “Just like these.” I whisper.


24. Breakdown

Mia's POV:

"What?" I choke out.

"Your father, he died of a heart attack last night." Katie explains. "Mia I'm sorry."

My mother two years ago and now my father. Why does every single thing in my life have to be ruined. Tears flow out of my eyes uncontrollably. Calum wraps his arm around me but I break free and storm up to my room. I can't believe it.

I run into my bathroom and lock the door. I sink down on the floor infront of the sink and just cry. I open up the cabinet under the sink and find a small little box. I take it out and cry as I take off all of my bracelets.

Everything in my life is ruined. I have no parents. I have to go back to school. My Christmas is ruined. The rest of tour is now ruined. The door is locked.

I slowly open the box and there it is. The small silver blade that has changed my life forever. I slowly pick it up as I sob.

The blade slides across my wrist and blood drips down my arm. Another cut. More blood. A third cut. More blood. I freeze as I hear my name.

"Mia?" Calum asks as he comes into my room. He starts to knock on the door. "Mia, please open the door." I just sit there and sob. "Mia please."

I stumble over to the door and unlock it as I sink down again. My blood is on the floor now and my razor is still in my hand. Calum opens the door. "Oh god," He whispers. "Mia."

Calum immediately comes down beside me. He looks around for something to put on my wrist. He quickly takes off his white shirt and wraps it around my wrist. I cry and curl up in his arms. Calum kisses my head and leaves his lips there. I just sob as he holds me right.

"He's dead." I whisper. "Two years ago my mom died. Now, my father." I cry. "Christmas is ruined. My school year is ruined. The rest of tour is ruined. Everything is ruined." I sob.

"Don't think that." Calum whispers.

"But Calum it's true. When you came I thought something changed. I honestly did. I thought everything would be better. But now that's ruined." I whisper.

Calum looks at me, tears brimming in his eyes. "Mia, we will make the best of everything, okay?" He whispers. "I will do everything and anything to make you happy again and you know I mean it."

I nod and kiss him slowly. Calum softly releases from the kiss. "But Mia, please don't do this again." He whispers as he looks at my wrist. He slowly takes it in his hand and removes his shirt from it. The cuts arn't fully healed but they've stopped bleading. He slowly brings my wrist up to his lips and kisses it softly so it won't hurt.

"I won't." I whisper.

Calum gives me a small smile and carefully sets me off of his lap. He looks under the sink for a rag and he damps it with hot water. I sit against the tub and watch him. He carefully picks up the razor and washes it off with the rag. He dries it on his pants and carefully places it back in the box. He puts it back under the sink and then starts to clean my blood on the floor.

Calum stays silent as he does this. He washes out the rag in the sink once he's finished. He helps me up and wraps his arms around me from behind as we walk to my bed. I curl up on my bed and cry into my pillow. Calum kisses my forehead and goes into my closet to get a blanket. He comes out with one of my fuzzy blankets and covers me up with it. Calum then comes over and lays beside me under the covers. I turn around and cry into his chest. He rests his head in the crook of my neck and places soft kisses there that relax me but not a lot.

"I love you." Calum whispers against my neck.

"I love you too." I sob.


Katie left a while ago to let me be alone with Calum. Calum and I are in the living room now watching a movie. "What am I going to do? I can't live here on my own." I say.

"Maybe Katie can move in. She seems like she would love to." Calum smiles against my shoulder.

"I'll ask her tomorrow." I say. Just then the door bell rings. "I'll get it." I say before I get up from the couch. I pull down my selves on my sweater and open the door.

"Mia!" Calums mum smiles brightly. "Is Calum here? I haven't been able to get ahold of him and he's not at his house." She asks.

I nod. "Yeah he's here." I smile. I guide her into the living room and Calum immediately gets up and hugs her.

"I'm sorry I didn't go to see you when I got back it's just that Mia needed me." He says and frowns at the end.

"Mia, is everything okay?" She asks.

"I.. I uh." I stutter. I really don't want to explain. I sit on the couch and curl up with the blanket.

"Mia's dad died yesterday, from a heart attack." Calum explains.

I stare at the floor as a tear falls from my eye. Calums mum gasps. "Mia I'm so so sorry." She says quietly and hugs me. "I'll leave you two alone, Calum you can come to my house anytime. It doesn't have to be soon." She gives us both a small smile.

"Thanks mum." Calum says and hugs her.

"Thank you." I whisper.

Calums mum hugs me before she leaves and kisses Calums cheek. Calum sits behind me and wraps his arms around me. I lean my head on his chest and start to cry again. "Calum," I whisper. "I don't think I'll ever stop crying."

Calum sits up and holds me tightly in his arms. He holds both of my hands and kisses them. "It will get better, I promise." He whispers.

"No it won't." I shake my head. "I've been through it before with my mum and it never got better. It never will."

Calum sighs and kisses my cheek. "It may not. But you will learn how to deal with it, and that makes it better than crying everyday doesn't it?"

I nod slightly. I guess it does get better in some way. But it never gets truly better. Calum smiles and kisses my cheek. Calum takes a piece of my hair and starts playing with it. "You know that braid that you do when your hair is braided on both sides and it's wrapped around your head into a braid on the back?" Calum asks while demonstrating with my hair.

I giggle and nod. "What about it?"

"I just like that braid on you." He smiles. "And the one on the side, and the way you wear your hair with your beanies."

I giggle. "Anything else?" I ask.

"Well, I like that perfect smile of yours, that perfect laugh, your blue eyes, your style, the fact that your a total bad ass but you play the clarinet and the violin and that your like the smartest person I know." Calum smiles. "And the number one thing I love about you is that your so strong Mia. All the shit you go through you stick through it. Your just so perfect." Calum whispers at the end.

I smile and kiss him softly and slowly. "What about me?" He smirks.

"Your bad boy image but in reality your not. Your big brown eyes, and your small little dimples that show when you smile the brightest. The fact that you literally never leave my side. Your giggle, the way you hold my hand, and the way you make me smile when I thought I never could again." A tear brims in my eye as I finish.

Calum smiles and kisses me softly. "Tomorrow, will you be there at the funeral?" I whisper.

"Of course." Calum whispers. "And so will the guys if you want, along with Eve."

I nod. "I would like that." I whisper. Calum smiles and picks me up. I giggle and wrap my legs around his waist. "Where are we going?" I laugh as he walks up the stairs.

"To bed, I think we can both agree it's been a long day." Calum says as we reach my room.

I nod. It has been and exhausting day. The flight, finding out my dad died, the bathroom, all of my break downs. It has been horrible.

Calum lays me down on the bed and he shuts off the lights. I feel the bed dip down beside me and curl up next to Calum. Calum kisses my shoulder softly before I slowly drift off asleep.

DO YOU LIKE IT??? Not to long ago 5sos were playing at Madison Square Garden and I was flipping out because it was their first time there and they just made Madison Square History.

5sos have ruined our lives and we all know it. But we love them for it XD Love you allxx


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