Shining Stars

“You were going to find out anyway.” I say as I take off all of my bracelets . I get up and sit next to him, tears falling from my eyes, holding my wrists out for him to see them. “Just like these.” I whisper.


29. Another Night

Calums POV:

I stare outside the window of the cab as we pull up into the hotel. We have a show tonight and it's going to suck. Mia isn't here. Eve isn't here with Michael. Everything is different. I called Mia when we landed and she cried once she heard my voice. I feel so bad for leaving. I know she's going to be depressed for this month. Or at least half of it. I hope she practices that song I gave her. I want her to be a little happy while I'm gone.

I take my bag into the hotel room and throw it on my bed in the room Luke and I are sharing. I quickly get dressed in new and loose clothes for the show. "Call her before the show." Luke says. "It will make you feel better."

"But it's like midnight for her." I say.

"Do you seriously think she's sleeping right now? She's probably crying herself to sleep." He says as he throws my phone at me.

I quickly call Mia and she answers. "Calum, I can't go to sleep." She whispers.

"Listen to me." I say. "I love you to death. I have to leave soon for the show but I couldn't go without calling you. Have you practiced that song?" I ask.

"Yeah." Mia says as she takes a deep breath. "It's really beautiful."

"Great. Mali helped me make the violin part." I smile. "I have to go. I love you."

"I love you too. Goodnight." She whispers.

"Goodnight." I whisper. I then hang up the phone and look at Luke.

"Any better?" Luke asks.

I sigh. "No, come on let's go."

Luke sighs and we meet Ashton and Michael outside. The cab takes us to where the show is and we wait backstage before we go onstage.


"Did Mia not come to this concert?" A fan asks as she finishes taking a photo with me.

"She didn't come on tour because something happend and we both thought it would be best if she stayed at home with Eve." I explain. "I'll tell her you said hi."

The girl smiles. "Thanks."

I smile at her and then the guys and I walk back to the hotel. Michael and I sit on the couch playing FIFA and eating pizza. "It sucks doesn't it." Michael says.

"What sucks?" I ask with my mouth full of pizza.

"That they're back home. It's hard not seeing them, even though it's been a day." Michael sighs.

I sigh. "Yeah, I know. When Mia cries and it makes me want to cry. It sucks so god damn much."

Michael sighs and I put the pizza on the counter. I go back into Luke's and my room and lay on my bed. I text Mia a good morning message and then fall asleep.

Mia's POV:

I wake up to a text from Calum. "Morning beautiful, I love you. A couple fans wanted me to say hi to you, so 'HI MIA.' Anyways, I love you, we'll be in Canada tomorrow."

I smile at his text and then get out of bed. I tie my hair up in a bun and walk downstairs. Katie has pancakes set out on the table. "I thought I would make you breakfast this morning." She says as she takes her plate over to the table.

"Thank you." I smile as I get a cup of coffee. I sit down at the table and start to eat my pancakes. "These are way better than dad's." I laugh.

"Mia, your dad was a horrible cook and you know it." Katie laughs. I laugh and nod. "Do you have any plans today?"

"I think im just going to stay home and practice the violin." I sigh as I finish my pancakes. "Did you have anything planned?"

"No." Katie says. "Just shopping for food because your friends ate it all when they were here New Year's Day." I laugh and then sigh. "Sorry." Katie whispers. "Eve can come over any time." I nod and then go upstairs.


I pull out Calums grandmas violin along with the music sheet Calum gave me. It's almost midnight but I start to play the first five measures, and then the next five. I have the first ten measures down perfectly. I play the full song and struggle as I go. The end gets faster and louder and then it gets softer like how it starts at the beginning. I know it will be beautiful once I'm finished.

I sigh and my phone starts to ring. I smile and accept the face time call from Calum and set my phone on my music stand. I leave my violin in my hand and Calum smiles once the call gets through. "Mia!" He smiles.

"Calum!" I smile.

"We are in Canada right now and the hotel is really weird. They have these really weird sinks that look like fish bowls." Calum laughs. "And then they gave us free mint chocolate ice cream and I almost hugged them."

"Your a fucking idiot you know that right?" I laugh.

"Mia! Watch your language!" Ashton says in the background as he comes over to the screen. "At least your not as bad as Calum. He swears every ten seconds."

"Shut up." Calum says as he pushes Ashton away. "I see you have your violin out. How much have you practiced so far?" He asks.

"I can play the first ten measures really well. Some parts throughout the song I'm good at too but I struggle a lot with it since I haven't played for a while." I explain. "Wanna hear the first ten measures?"

Calum nods and I move my phone over to the side. I bring the violin up on top of my shoulder and slowly begin to play. I close my eyes as I play the parts I memorized and move along to the music. "That was amazing." Calum smiles.

I smile and then I hear a girls voice in the background. "Who's that?" I ask.

Calum looks behind him and walks over to a computer. "It's Eve on skype with Michael." Calum says. Calum faces the camera to Eve so I can see her and so she can see me.

"Oh my God Mia!" She laughs.

I laugh. "This is just weird, and really hard to explain."

Eve laughs and Calum goes into his own room. "I really miss you." He says.

"I miss you too. So much." I whisper at the end.

Calum sighs and looks down. "I shouldn't have gone." He shakes his head.

"No Calum you should have and you did. You'll probably go on tour again next year and that will be okay. I get out of school next year and hopefully I'll be able to follow my dreams to be a successful violin player. And then we'll he known as that music couple who always figure things out with the tours and everything will be okay." I explain.

"I love you Mia." Calum smiles. "You always seem to make everything better, even when your not here. And even if you are here and I'm the one who has to make you better. You still make it better."

I smile. "I love you too." I whisper. "I should be getting to bed, it's about midnight."

"Goodnight." Calum smiles.

"Goodnight." I smile.

I then hang up my phone and place my violin in its case. I slowly turn off my light and slide under the covers. Tears stream down my cheeks and that makes it another night of crying myself to sleep.

If I don't post again before Christmas I just want to say... MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE. Sorry if you have a different religion and don't celebrate Christmas but Merry or Happy whatever to you guys. I love you all so much for following me and I'm not trying to be mean for not knowing the different way other people celebrate. MERRY CHRISTMAS OR HAPPY OR MERRY SOMETHING! Love you allxx


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