Shining Stars

“You were going to find out anyway.” I say as I take off all of my bracelets . I get up and sit next to him, tears falling from my eyes, holding my wrists out for him to see them. “Just like these.” I whisper.


48. 16

Mia's POV:

My eyes flutter open to Calums soft snores. I smile as I watch him sleep, thinking of everything he did last night. I've always dreamed of having a sweet 16 but I think that what he did was better. I mean, I know every girl should have a sweet 16 but I don't want to make a big deal out of my birthday.

"Good morning." Calum mumbles as he wakes up. "You have to wear that baby blue dress you bought tonight." He mumbles into his pillow.

"Why?" I ask. God, I hope this isn't for my birthday.

"Because I wanna take you out to eat." He smiles as he turns to face me. "All I did was give you a note yesterday, we can do something tonight." He explains.

I look at him for a moment and sigh. "Fine." I groan. "I know my sixteenth birthday was yesterday but we really don't need to do anything."

A smirk forms over Calums face and he pulls me closer to him. "I'm going to take you out to dinner, just you and me."

I sigh and nod. It will be nice anyways to get away with Calum for a few hours. I hear a knock on the door and I turn around, my back facing Calum just before it swings open. "Eww gross, are you two naked?" Michael asks as he sees us under the covers.

"No." I say and Calum pulls the blanket off of us, showing us in our clothes. "Fuck, Calum that's cold." I groan and pull the covers back over me.

"Dude, we have to go like now. We have to record." Michael says, shutting the door behind him and throwing Calums clothes on him.

"Fuck," Calum says as he stumbles out of bed. "I'll be back later, my phone will be on, wear your blue dress, we have to be there at seven."Calum explains as he quickly dresses. I smirk as I watch him in a hurry.

"You two are so fucking gross."Michael says. "By the way, Eve's in our room, she said you could go over while we're gone"

I nod and Calum grabs his phone and kisses me quickly before he jogs out of the room. I smile to myself as the door closes behind Michael. Calums scent is still on his pillow. I sigh into it and fall asleep again before I have to go into Eve's room.


I carefully do my makeup in the mirror. Calum walks behind me and wraps his arms around my waist. "You look so beautiful in this dress." He smiles and kisses the top of my head, watching me do my makeup.

"Thank you." I blush as I put everything away. I turn around to see Calum in a nice black flannel. The one he wore to meet my dad. I smile and kiss him softly. Calum slowly kisses back and his hands slide down my dress. "We have to go." I whisper against his lips.

Calum takes my hand and we both walk out of the room, hand in hand. Once we get in the cab, Calum wraps a blindfold around my eyes. "Calum!" I yell. "Calum I swear to god!" I say as I start to pull it off.

"Mia, no one is going to kill or kidnap you so just calm down. It's a surprise where we're going so you can't see until we get there." He explains with his calm voice as he fixes the blindfold. His warm lips leave a kiss on my cheek and I sigh while leaning my head back in the seat.

"I hate you." I mumble and I feel the car start to move. "You're horrible." I explain.

"I love you too." Calum says and I can tell he's smiling. His hand finds mine and holds it. After what seems like hours being blindfolded, I feel the car come to a stop. "You have to keep this on." He says and I hear him beside my door.

"Why?" I groan.

Calum laughs. "Just keep it on."He says and helps me out of the cab and he guides me over to the building.

"Calum I swear to fucking god I'm going to kill-"

"Surprise!!" I hear multiple people yell as my blindfold is taken off. I open my eyes to see Eve and the rest of the guys. Katie and Jase, Calums mom and Mali. Eves brother and mom and dad are here too. I look around to see balloons and lights and everything nearly perfect. Just like Eve would decorate something.

I look behind me and hug Calum as tight as a person could possibly hug another. No one has ever done his, ever. "I'm not going to kill you." I say into his shoulder.

Calum laughs and I walk over to Katie, giving her a huge hug. "Happy birthday Mia." Katie says and kisses the top of my head. Jase pats my shoulder and I eventually hug him too.

"Thank you." I smile. "Eve," I say as I turn to her. "Did you decorate this?"

"Michael and I did, but he mainly ate a lot of the food." She laughs.

"Happy Birthday to the annoying friend of my annoying sister that both somehow became more popular than me in the matter of a month." Eves brother says as he walks over.

"Shut up." I laugh. "You're just jealous."

"Yep, he is." Eve says behind my back.

"Shut up ass faces, no I'm not." He says and turns away.

"Thank you." I say to her.

"I'll do anything for you. Plus it was your sixteenth birthday yesterday. You can finally drive for fucks sake!" She exclaims. "Go have fun, I'm going to catch up with my mom."

"Mia!!" Mali-Koa yells. "Happy birthday!" She says. I hug her tightly and look behind her to see Calum smiling at his mom.

I smile. "Thanks Mali. I think it's been the best birthday out of all the rest."

"Well, it is your sixteenth." She points out.

"True." I say.

Mali and I talk for a while and eventually everyone talks to each other. Michael, Ashton's, and Luke's family is here too. It's basically a reunion in the middle of tour but we're celebrating my birthday.

I stare down at my phone for a minute, checking the time. "Mia."Calum says. I look up to see a beautiful cake with exactly sixteen candles on it. I smile brightly and I watch as Katie lights the candles.

I stand up and lean over the cake. I blow out each of the candles before I sit down again and look across the table to Calum. I smile and he smiles back. I get lost in his big brown eyes again.


After the party we all get ready to leave after cleaning up. "Are you going home?" I ask Katie.

"We have to be at the airport at four in the morning." She says. "I'll see you at home soon with Eve." I smile and hug her and Jase before they both leave.

Sooner or later it's just me and Calum there. "Did you have fun today?" He asks. "I knew you deserved something more for your sixteenth birthday." He says.

"Yeah, I did have fun." I smile. "Is your mom and Mali leaving tomorrow morning too?" I ask.

"Yeah, they were supposed to stay for another day but since we have an interview tomorrow we won't have time to be with them anyway." Calum explains.

I lean my head on his chest and hold his hands. "You're the best." I whisper.

I'm not just saying this because the perfect girlfriend says that to her boyfriend. I'm saying it because it's true. Calum is the best. He's overprotective in a cute way and always says he loves me. He always makes sure that I get what I deserve even when I know I don't need it and I love him for that.

Calum rests his chin on the top of my head. His thumbs rubbing over my knuckles. He stays quiet for a moment, almost like he's trying to figure out the perfect thing to say "You're perfect." He whispers. "I love you."

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