Gunshot of Sorrow

Collumbia, the city that is in the clouds. 2450, the year that Anna Crawford makes her first appearence in the world after eight years. Anna thinks now that her life is back on track, everything will return to normal for her. But that isn't the case. She soon meets the mysterious Ash Dawson, a handsome mechanic on the airship The Clockwork Princess, who knows more about her past than Anna does. Anna is soon then thrown into chaos and she is in the middle of it. Will Anna be able to stop herself from falling into the dark side or will she be able to stay in the light.

Die for love. Kill for salvation. Live to survive.


1. 1.

Anna Crawford dashed through the giant trees. Her feet pounding on the squishy muddy ground as she tried her daring escape from that place. Shouts came from far behind Anna and she smiled to herself. She was doing it! Running away from the place where her nightmares came true, the place where they tortured her. The place she was told that she could call home. They lied. Thud! Anna came crashing down to the ground; she had tripped over a thick tree root. She could feel something wet on her knee and Anna knew that she must’ve cut herself. Anna made a loud grunt of frustration and pulled herself back up. She paused, and then she heard that the shouts were coming dangerously closer. Anna Crawford couldn’t let herself get caught, no; she wouldn’t let herself get caught by those people. Who knows what they will do to her if they have her in their hands again. Anna began running again, but this time her leg (that was cut) screamed in pain however Anna ignored it. The shouts became louder and louder and Anna knew that if she didn’t run just a little faster and further, she would be back in that place. That place, Anna could never bring herself to calling it anything else. She couldn’t. Eight years of being suck there, being their lab rat. Anna couldn’t deal with it any longer. Taking a quick glance behind her, Anna saw faint moving lights. They were coming. Anna could feel blood slowly seeping down her wounded leg and she guessed that was one of the signs that she should give up. But Anna knew she wouldn’t, nor did she want to. Her whole body screamed for her to stop-her lungs screaming the most. But Anna didn’t stop. She looked up ahead of her and saw the electrified fence. She had to get past that and then she would be free. The icy wind bit and slapped at her skin and it sounded as if the air was howling. Anna was now gasping for breath, but she knew that she had seven or eight more feet ahead of her before she reached the fence. She saw the fence coming closer and closer and she heard the shouts becoming farther and farther. Anna stopped running and analysed the gap between each steel wire of the fence. They were big enough for Anna Crawford to fit through. Again, Anna checked behind her and she saw nothing. Anna smiled with happiness and she swung her bloody leg over the fence and then she moved the top half of her body under and then up. And she finally then moved her good leg over. Anna was free. Sweat pounded off of Anna’s pale face and her long brown hair clung to the sticky wet bits on her cheeks. Anna collapsed with a sigh of relief and then she heard footsteps come in front of her. Would they come and climb over the fence to get Anna? Or wouldn’t they? “Annabel Crawford, you are obligated to come back this instance!” demanded a deep male voice. Anna laughed. Like she would go back to them, she would never go back. Why would she go back if she has escaped? “Annabel, now!” the voice had a warning to it.

“Go to hell.” Anna breathed. She stoop up walked towards the fence, to where the man was standing, and spat in his face. There was a sharp intake of breath. “If you think I am going back to that place, you have it all wrong. For eight goddamn years you have used me as a lab rat but no more!” She began to walk off. Anna heard movement for a few moments, but she didn’t stop. But as she continued to walk away, the movement stopped and then she heard footsteps fade away. “Annabel! We need you, just like you need us!” Anna stopped dead in her tracks. She clenched her fists and held her arms out a little. “I don’t need you. And you don’t need me anymore!” And that was when she began to walk, and then she began to pick up the pace until she went into a run. The place that she was locked in was enclosed in a forest and Anna had enough of the sight. The moment she would get out of the wood, Anna would go to the closest city. Perhaps find a place where she could make some money and live. But after ten minutes of solid running, Anna stopped. She leaned back against a tree and slid to the ground. Her bloodied leg thumping in pain. Anna placed two fingers on the wound and she then screamed in pain. It wasn’t infected, she knew that. Pulling off a strip of cloth from her under skirt, Anna wrapped her leg up. That would have to make do as a bandage, for now. Anna gazed up at the sky; the darkened sky seemed to be lighter from the time she escaped. How long has she been out of that horrible place? Hours? Minutes? She didn’t know. Anna’s leg was stinging and Anna searched around for some water. There weren’t any lakes or water sources around her. “Dammit!” Anna threw her fist to the ground. She untied her long, brown hair that was placed up in a tight bun and shook her head so her curls framed her face. Anna then stood up and walked towards the tree next to her-as she saw a sturdy branch for which she could sleep on. Anna climbed up, her leg beginning to scream again. Anna screamed out in pain but all she had to do was haul herself up onto the branch. She placed her good leg over the branch and then she began to put the other one over. Her arms began to feel weak and when Anna’s leg was halfway up to the branch, her right arm gave out and Anna fell crashing back down to the ground. She landed on her back and Anna grunted loudly. “Shit.” She breathed. She tried to get up, but she was too tried to even do that! “Damn you leg!” Anna spat. She placed her head down to the ground and she looked up through the trees, the first of the sun’s golden rays were beginning to show on Columbia. The sky was a beautiful blue and not a single white puffy cloud could be seen. Anna sighed and tried to sit up again. It took her a few tries but Anna did finally manage to lean back against the tree. Pulling the fabric away from the wound, Anna saw that her leg was bleeding everywhere. Blood was gushing out everywhere. Anna placed two of her fingers in the wound to slow the bleeding and Anna suddenly felt faint. Black spots appeared in front of her eyes and Anna had to let go of her leg. Anna needed her nurse, Dawn, as she knew that her leg could be healed within seconds. But no, Anna had to do it in the mundane way. Sighing, Anna tried standing up again and she tried to walk. With luck, Anna managed to begin walking by holding on to the different trees as she passed them-but Anna soon began to feel hungry and tired and Anna just wanted a warm bed with food and water again. “Perhaps it was a mistake to leave that place…” Anna muttered aloud. She stopped walking as she paused in the middle of her sentence. “No, no. It was a good idea. I would’ve been killed if I were there any longer!” Anna began walking again. As she walked, the sky seemed to cloud over with greyness and Anna knew that rain was due to come. “Ah shit.” Anna began to look for cover. There was none. She was in a forest. The trees acted as her friend and her foe. Picking up her speed, Anna changed her direction as she needed to get as far away from the clouds before she was drenched in water. Due to the fact that Anna’s leg was refusing to comply, Anna had to look for the largest tree that seemed to have no gaps between the leaves. It took her five minutes of searching for that certain tree before she had found it and then she rushed towards it. She reached the tree’s trunk just before the rain began to splutter down and Anna’s leg started to weep again. This time, her leg felt as if it were vibrating; but it was more like it was infected. “Some mud must’ve gotten into it!” Anna panicky muttered. “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.” Anna felt like she was going to faint-but she couldn’t. She didn’t know squat about what is out here and for all she knew; she could be eaten alive by wolves. Anna tried to stand up. She got halfway up and then she came crashing back to the ground, hurting her butt along the way. She screamed, even louder, and then Anna bit at her lip until she tasted blood. She knew that now, her leg wouldn’t heal and that she would have to cut it off or die. She preferred the latter. Anna felt really light headed, and she leaned back against the tree. The pain in her leg was unbearable and Anna decided to put more pressure on the bleeding wound. She knew that it wasn’t a smart thing to do, but Anna didn’t want to die of blood loss.Black spots started to appear again and this time, Anna refused to let go. That was when everything around her went black.

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