Book of Poems


1. Confusion

These days I can’t stop asking myself what ifs,

In a dubious world where there are shameful thieves,

Diffusing intense heartaches and endless tears,

If only I have the power of the seers,

It would be easy to secern who’s sincere,



Earnest might be thee though I can never assure,

In a land where people bears mask at all times,

Each of humans has the power to allure,

Therefore every single instance the bell chimes,

I ran away as far as I can conjure,



Confusion is really inevitable,

I do not know when I should be taking risks,

Nor who should I be consider trustable,

The universe has a way of playing tricks,

I wish the clues would ever be seeable,

I do not know which adventures to assert,

Because the what ifs always cross my mind first,

That is when all my disarray becomes defiant,

Right now I am not certain of what I want.

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