The Ragged Man and the dying girl

Supernatural and Doctor who fanfic

Sam and Dean are on a hunt when they meet a raggedy man with a blue box. But the man has a child who's dying and needs their help. But what if Lucifer is curious of this child as well....

My first fanfic so sorry for any mistakes :)


4. chapter 4

Dean reached for his gun but it skidded across the floor away from him. Lucifer kicked him hard in the chest and Dean felt his ribs crack.

He yelled in pain and he heard Sam scream for him. "Sammy," he called. He heard another shout and Lucifer yanked him up and shoved him into a chair. Dean lowered his head and took short breaths, trying to breath through the pain.

Sammy was staring at him anxiously. He was being held down to the bed by some invisible force. Ravenna was sitting up in the bed, her dark brown eyes focused on Lucifer. The Doctor had his arm protectively around her and his eyes were dark.

"Hey Sammy. Have you missed me?" Lucifer asked cheerfully standing over Sam. Sam jerked away.

"Leave Lucifer," he snarled. He struggled hard but it was futile.

Lucifer smiled. "Sorry Sammy for dropping in. But I'll be leaving very soon. I just have to take something first".

His eyes drifted to Ravenna. She flinched and the Doctor stood, face livid.

"No," he hissed menacingly.

The Doctor flew across the room and slammed against the wall, pinned against it. Ravenna leaped from the bed and scrambled over to him. "Doctor!" She whispered frantically. She turned and stood in front of him.

"Leave them alone!" She yelled. Dean felt his respect grow for her. Standing up to the Devil, that took guts.

But Lucifer just smiled. "Ravenna, I've been waiting a very long time to meet you".

"How do you know my name?" She snapped.

"Relax kid," Dean croaked. He was afraid that she would push Lucifer to far and he'd snap.

"I tried to speak to you your entire life. But your precious has always managed to keep you safe, making sure I never caught up. But he slipped up".

The Doctor crumpled down and into her arms. He was unconscious and she rested his head in her lap. She looked up and glared at Lucifer.

"What do you want Lucifer?" Sam asked. Dean shifted and noticed the gun not far away. If he jerked out of the chair and moved forward he would have it in his hands.

"I just wanted to take you and Ravenna for a little trip". Lucifer sounded so innocent. Dean steadied himself.

"What do you want with me?" Ravenna asked. She sounded scared.

Dean propelled himself forward. He hit the ground and the gun was in his hands. Ignoring the pain he raised the gun and fired.

But Lucifer was over Ravenna and yanking her away from the Doctor. She screamed and struggled. He ignored her and put his arm around her waist, yanking her towards the door.

Suddenly the Doctor was on top of Lucifer, yanking Ravenna away. Lucifer snarled and the two men locked eyes.

Then Lucifer was gone and Dean felt his ribs crack further. He glimpsed Sam reaching for him and then he tumbled into the dark abyss.

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