The Ragged Man and the dying girl

Supernatural and Doctor who fanfic

Sam and Dean are on a hunt when they meet a raggedy man with a blue box. But the man has a child who's dying and needs their help. But what if Lucifer is curious of this child as well....

My first fanfic so sorry for any mistakes :)


3. Chapter 3

There was a large deep cut down her side. She was bleeding heavily and she was barely breathing.

"Damn, who did this to her," Dean asked. He got a wet rag and gently started to clean her wound. She moved away and whimpered.

The Doctor sat down at her head and gently started to stroke her caramel hair.

"We were attacked," he muttered. "We were visiting some friends in Victorian London but we were attacked by some demons. We just got away but one stabbed her".

"Victorian London?" Sam asked. The Doctor looked up at him and smiled gently. "Yeah, the TARDIS can travel through time and space. Did I forget mention that".

The two brothers exchanged a glance. Who was this guy?

Dean bound Ravenna's wound and left her sleeping peacefully on the bed. The Doctor was exhausted and lay down beside her. In a few minutes he was fast asleep.

Sam fell then asleep on Deans bed and Dean stepped outside with his phone, staring at the TARDIS.

He called Bobby and waited.


"Hey Bobby, it's Dean".

"Hey Dean everything alright?"

"Yeah we just got an unexpected visitor. He appeared in a blue police box and goes by the name the Doctor. He says he knows you?"

Bobby sighed for a moment. "Yeah I know him," he said slowly.

"Is he dangerous Bobby?"

"What? No, no he wouldn't hurt you. Danger just seems to follow him everywhere".

"He says that his police box can travel through time and space. Is that true?"

"Yeah it's true. He took me for an adventure in it once. I went and had a lovely date with the one and only Cleopatra".

"Yeah alright, Bobby, I don't want to know about your love life," Dean mumbled, rubbing his eyes. God he was tired.

Bobby chuckled. "Look Dean, the Doctor wouldn't hurt you guys. Just help him and he'll be on his way. What does he want?"

"He has a little girl with him. She was injured and he needed help".

"Who's the kid?" Bobby's voice was suddenly urgent.

"Her names Ravenna".

Bobby hissed softly. "I know that kid. She's his companion. Travels with him. He's like her father".

"Has she got any parents?"

"Not unless her mother rose from the grave and her father didn't kill her mother," came the tense reply.

Dean sighed. "Poor kid".

"Yeah well. Sorry, Dean. Gotta go".

"Bye Bobby".

Dean hung up the phone and just then he heard Sam shout from inside.

"Sammy!?" Dean shouted. But before he could race in a hand was wrapped around his throat and was dragging Dean into the motel room. Dean was thrown to the ground with immense force. He hit his head and saw stars.

A smug face appeared above him.

"Hey Dean. How's life?"


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