The Ragged Man and the dying girl

Supernatural and Doctor who fanfic

Sam and Dean are on a hunt when they meet a raggedy man with a blue box. But the man has a child who's dying and needs their help. But what if Lucifer is curious of this child as well....

My first fanfic so sorry for any mistakes :)


2. chapter 2

Before the brothers could even speak, the doctor ducked back into the police box. The door was ajar and they could see a massive high-tech room.

Dean sighed. This was really weird. "It's bigger in the inside," he said softly to his brother.

Sam chuckled. "Or smaller on the outside",was Sam's reply.

Just then the Doctor appeared again and shut the door to the police box, turning to them. In his arms was a small unconscious teenage girl. Sam instantly noticed the blood on her shirt and how her chest was barely moving.

The Doctor was impatient, holding the girl delicately in his arms. "Can I come in?"

Dean laughed coldly. "Yeah you can come in, even though we don't know you and you arrived in a blue dingy box".

"That's the TARDIS," the Doctor said, looking distressed. "And you have to let me in. You are the only ones that can help Ravenna".

Ravenna. That was obviously the girl. Sam glanced at her again. She was shaking in his arms, her pale fox-like face flushed with fever.

"Why should we let you in?" Dean said.

The Doctor leaned closer to him. "Cause I was recommended to you by my friend Bobby Singer".

Bobby. Sam relaxed. If this guy knew Bobby, he was probably alright. Also Sam felt sorry for the kid, who was whimpering softly.

"Dean let them in. We can call Bobby. Anyway the kids got minutes".

Dean sighed and lowered his gun. "Alright come on in," he said and they all went in. Sam looked at the TARDIS.

"Will it be alright" Sam asked the Doctor as he lowered Ravenna onto Dean's bed. The child was twitching and shuddering.

The Doctor chuckled. "The TARDIS will be fine," he assured Sam.

"What happened to her?" Dean asked as he brought the first aid kit and sat down on the bed. He touched her forehead and felt she was burning.

The Doctor sighed and slowly rolled up her shirt, where the dried blood was. The brothers gasped in shock.

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