The Ragged Man and the dying girl

Supernatural and Doctor who fanfic

Sam and Dean are on a hunt when they meet a raggedy man with a blue box. But the man has a child who's dying and needs their help. But what if Lucifer is curious of this child as well....

My first fanfic so sorry for any mistakes :)


1. chapter 1

Sam was fast asleep, lying on his bed. Dean was slouched at a chair, having a burger and watching a crappy TV show at three in the morning.

Suddenly a loud whirring sound came from outside the motel door. Dean leaped to his feet, gun in his hand. Sam sat up, blinking wearily. "Dean?" He asked. "What is that?"

"I don't know," Dean replied, his voice low.

They moved towards the door, Sam at Dean's shoulder. Dean reached out and yanked the door, expecting to find something terrifying there.

He wasn't expecting a blue police phone box to be standing at the door. "Uh Sammy? Did you get a police phone box?"

Sam didn't reply as just then the door to the phone box was yanked open and a young man with floppy brown hair stepped out. He had bright green eyes and was wearing a bow tie. "Oh hello, I'm the Doctor. You must be Sam and Dean Winchester. I need your help!"

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