Behind these walls.

Layla wasn't like the rest of the Gladers; she remembers more than her age and name like all the background information on the Gladers but what happens when the others find out.


3. You knew!!!

It took to days for blondey to remember him name which is Ben.

At the moment it is six days after Ben arrived, tonight is the night I’m going to tell him… I’m going to tell Newt the truth it is currently sunset which means it’s time to end a day’s work.

We sat by a fire, I was sitting at the end of a mossy log with Newt besides me. Newts’ attention was on Alec as they were having a pretty deep conisation about ants and termites and who will win in a fight. After their debate dies down a bit, I tap Newt on the thigh and he looks at me with a slight tint of pink radiating from his cheeks. I give him a head nod to motion to him to come with me as I stood up.

Once he realised that I wanted him to follow he excused himself from Alec when he stood up. We walked into the forest with a torch of fire far away from the rest of the Gladers.  I sat him down on a clean patch of earth and sat in front of him. I looked him in the eyes before words slipped out of my mouth “What do you remember? You know from the outside?”

He looked confused “What do you mean? I only know the basics just like you I remember how to breathe, how to move, and my name” he spoke frustrated.

“Ummm Newt well umm well there is this thing ummm I don’t know how to say this ummm I remember everything like for example your birthday is on 4th of May, we used to be best friends and there is this blonde lady, this blonde lady she is the one that put us here , and that-“ he cut me off.

“Wait what do you mean, YOU KNEW, YOU REMENBERED EVERYTHING AND YET YOU DIDN’T TELL ANYONE, AND TO THINK THAT I ACTUALLY HAD A CRUSH ON YOU... UNBELIEVABLE” Newt screamed, he gave me a disappointed look, before running off into the darkness.

I sat there for a couple of seconds before jumping to my feet almost most falling and started running after him I knew I would be able to catch up as I used to be on the track team.

I see newt ahead… unfortunately he was already on the tree line, he paused as if he was thinking I took this opportunity to tackle him to the ground; well that was the plan.

I ran, then lunged forward but I missed him by a metre. As I lay on the ground I look up to see him looking at me, he was trying so hard not to laugh. I shuffled forward and wrapped my arms around his legs, that’s what pushed him over the edge he exploded with laughter. I let him have his moment, when he was fished I reached my arm up asking for help. He hosted me up with ease and stared into my eyes, just before I was about to start crying I wrapped him up in a tight embrace, when he notice that I was crying he returned the favour and wrapped his arms around me.


Later that night, we were lying on top of the tower glazing at the stars. Newt pulled me into him and whispered ‘’tell me about us, tell me about life outside the maze.”




A/N I know it's short, and it's not edited but I wanted to say I don't really care about the competition I like this book and I am going to continue writing it even after the competition is over. I joined the competition for fun, I don't care if alot of people read my movellas, All I want is for one person to enjoy it. 

Love you Sarah. 

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