Behind these walls.

Layla wasn't like the rest of the Gladers; she remembers more than her age and name like all the background information on the Gladers but what happens when the others find out.


1. Nightmares

I was sitting down answering questions on my computer type thing; I could see my reflection on the screen. I answered another, and then I noticed her standing behind me, the tall blonde lady. Ughhh I hate her so much! I pretended that I didn’t notice her and continued reading. ‘If the only way you could save the world was to-‘that was all I read before she turned me around.

Oh no I know what happing; every month the blonde lady takes someone away and they don’t come back. My best friend Newt and I believe that she killed them. My eyes water up as I think of Newt, it was last year  they took him away.



I suddenly jerk forward falling out of my hammock and on to the ground; the dirt clings to me as I am covered in sweat. I curl up in a ball hugging my knees as I try to catch my breath. My ears perk up as I hear movement coming from the hammock next to mine; I must have woken them up.

I sigh as I stare at the ground. I’ve been here for almost two months and almost every night I have that same nightmare about the blonde lady. I sense the presence of someone else beside me, I don’t bother to look up, I know who it is. ‘’ You have to stop doing this, you are going to get hurt.’’ the presence stopped then continued “You know you can talk about this stuff with me I’m not Gally’’ He joked.

“I know Newt it’s just…” I paused, as tear shredded down my face. He pulled me to his chest, stroking my knotty, shoulder length, hazel hair; knowing something was wrong.

We sat like that for about 15 minutes, I pulled myself off but not breaking contact, he stares into my greenie brown eyes as if he is drowning in them. Without a word he stands up, dusts him off and reaches down to pull me up. I accented his hand and did the same.

He lead me to the tower like he did every day, when we got to the top he sat me down, he took a quick look around to see if anyone else was around; luckily no one was. He sat down next to me as we sat in silence staring at the maze watching the sky change colour.



“layla-wayla, you have to wake up now the other Gladers are starting to worry about us” I heard the soft voice say in my ear, I began to whine and bury my face into my nice, big, warm, hard pillow- wait what? I open my eyes only to see black, I jolted up only to be blinded “Arhhh I’ve seen the thousand suns!” I scream burying my head back into my ‘pillow’.

My pillow began chuckling, I tried to bury my head even more but that only mad Newt wrap his strong arms around me.



I heard the buzzing of the box, Ohhhh a new Glader. Urgggg I hate watching these happen, They look up freak out and most likely faint. It terrible what the blonde lady is doing, it isn’t fair, and why are they doing this to us.

A blonde man is laying on the ground of the box, he looked up and made eye contact with me, his bluey-green eyes blazing my soul. After making eye contact I could feel Newts glare, he jumped down to receive the new addition.

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