Behind these walls.

Layla wasn't like the rest of the Gladers; she remembers more than her age and name like all the background information on the Gladers but what happens when the others find out.


2. First day

It was another day, it was the same thing almost every day; I wake up on the ground, all covered in sweat, Newt comforts me, the runners would go out into the maze, and then come back. But today was different, you see it all started yesterday.


I watch as the new addition gets hauled up by the boys, the unconscious body limb and pale. I sit by the pit with the blonde boy waiting for him to wake up. I sigh; I’ve been sitting here for hours just playing with the grass, tugging at it. I heard a gasp for air and I turned around looking at the boy, he just stared back at me.

I open the gate and he scatters away from me pressed up against the wall. I reach my arm out and bat my eyelashes. He looked at me unsure, so I pushed my arm further waiting for him to take it. When he finally grabbed my hand, I hoist him up, and yes I can lift him without struggling; I work out, okay?

I turn to him, stare him dead in the eyes and tell him with a serious face that it will be okay. We start walking; I lead him to the sleeping hut as it is the coolest place to be at this time of the day, I couldn’t help but noticed how he clung onto me as he looked around. I sat him down and he stared at me and opened his mouth to say something but he then closed it and started thinking for a couple of seconds before he opened his mouth again “Where are we? Why can’t I remember anything? Why do I feel so safe when I am around you?” he asked in a deep, frustrated voice.

I sighed before answering with “Well to answer your first question I can’t tell you just yet, as fore why you can’t remember anything, I have no Idea, we all wake up in the box with everyone staring down at us, all memories erased  except for your name and vocab-“ 

“Wait why can’t I remember my name then?” he interrupted me.

“Don’t worry it takes a couple of days to remember.” I assured him.

“Oh okay.”

“Hey come on down, First in Control Alby, wants to give you the grand tour.” I say as I extend my arm out towards him again. “Oh and by the way my name is Layla.” I said as he took my arm and smiled warmly.

We walked hand in hand trying to find Alby. I asked other Gladers if they knew where he is but everyone said something different.



When I finally find him by the forest, he smiles warmly at me and Blondey, Blondeys skinning white legs start to shake as he feels intimidated by the well-built Alby; I squeezed his hand, looked into his eyes and nodded as if I was saying that it was okay, he isn’t going to rip out your throat with his teeth.

Alby nods at me as if he was saying I did a good job and asked Blondey if he wanted the tour.

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