Part one

What will happen to Charlie and Niall??
Read to find out x


1. no chapters sorry whole story

It was early Sunday morning when something awoke me. I look outside to see a group of girls chanting my fave bands name "one direction one direction!" I ran to my closet and picked out a nice floral dress to go with some black pumps i then ran towards the bathroom to put on some makeup which only took my 5 mins i applied foundation, mascara and some lipstick. I ran out the door to see One direction walking up to my front door saying "can we come in?" I was in utter shock they actually wanted to come into my house " yes course you can anything for my fave band!" All of the band went in and sat in the sofa whilst Niall stayed back. Scanning me up and down "you're beautiful!" He said with our eyes meeting "Not too bad yourself" we both chuckled. Omg I have just being called beautiful by the Niall Horan! After a few minutes of silence he got his phone out and made and new contact "what's your name?" He said with a smile on his face "Charlie" wow that a beautiful name he said. He put his phone in my hand and said "please put your number in there!" so I did. With that we both smiled and walked into the living room were the boys were chatting I could hear partly harry saying " damn she's gorgeous" and all the rest chuckled and agreed. I walked in and Harry was looking me up and down. But all of a sudden Niall stood up and shouted a harry "don't stare at my girl like that ever again do you hear me?" 5 likes for part 2 💕

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