Stalker Styles

Harry Styles has been there for her whole life without her realising it, until it suddenly dawns on her that he has watched her every move.


2. Chapter 2

After a long say of college I finally got home and ran up to my bedroom. Its the same one I've had for more than 12 years.

I got out of my clothes that i had been wearing and got into some comfy shorts and a very large t-shirt. I walked over to my vanity and took out some makeup wipes to wipe of all of my makeup which by this point felt like it had been scarred on my face for having it on all day.

Then i went to my bathroom that I unfortunately had to share with my brother, to wash my face and wash off the remaining bits of eye makeup. Tying my hair up in a messy pony tail I walked downstairs humming to myself with my iphone in one hand and school work in the other. I walked into the living room and sat down on one of the sofas and switched on the tv just in time for Britain's got talent.

After I got comfy i started to do my homework groaning inwardly. You know i don't see the point in homework. I mean, working all day for 8 hours to then go home and work some more?! 

As i was doing my art ( i had to sketch a forest...) mum called me for dinner. Sighing, I got off of the couch leaving the warm spot I had made suddenly getting cold as i walked towards the kitchen where my mum and dorky little brother sat.

"Come on Emilie, sit down so we can prey." Mum smiles encouragingly. Now, i'm not religious or anything but my mum is so we have to obey her rules. After we finished preying we started to eat the spaghetti.

"So where's dad?" I asked before taking a sip of my water. My sighs.

"He says he has to work late today, they have meetings up until 11 pm but he won't be home 'til around 12- 1 am" She says looking annoyed.

After that it was silent. Just the sound of our clinking forks as they hit the plates. But then i heard my phone beep from where it was in the sitting room. I was resisting the urge to check who had messaged me, yet my mum still gave me the disapproving look as if to say: 'If you go to see who that is you will be in big trouble.'

You may think from that, that she is strict, she can be but she just has her rules and boundaries and if you break one of them you will be in trouble.

After we all finished eating we put our plates and glasses into the dishwasher before i headed back into the sitting room to finish my art. But stopping as soon as i remembered that some one has messaged me.



From Chloe xxx

'Heyyy do you wanna come over tonite we can go to the cinema or go shopping or both!! ;-)


I started to text back as i ran upstairs to find my mum, but she was already asleep so i just shrugged and wrote a quick note to say that i was going to Chloe's and left it on her bedside table.

I ran to my room taking off my shorts and top and got into some proper clothes which were my favourite black skinny jeans, dark blue tank top with my black leather jacket and black combat boots. Taking my brown hair out of the pony tail and shaking my head before i pack a few things in a back pack and then i was off.

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