Schizophrenia // N.H

Lara Williams is the victim of the disease schizophrenia, and takes pills every day to keep the things she sees away. But one day she forgets her medicine, and meets a boy. He got everything Lara ever has dreamed of, but he asks her not to tell anyone about him. Niall disappears every time Lara takes her medicine, which is hard for Lara to understand. But what happens when she one day finds an old picture of them, without Niall on it..

Credit to Nanna T. for the idea.
© copyright - All rights reserved 2014


3. Chapter 2


"Oh, Kyle you'll have to pick Dave up from football today, I'm working" mother said as she ate some cereal. I looked over at Dave with a confused look, I didn't know he started to football again. "You started again huh?" I said and smirked. He gave me a death glare and smiled. Last time he played football he knocked out 2 massive guys and broke a nose on the coach, don't ask me why I never get the whole story because I'm dying of laughter when he gets to the part with the broken nose. Maybe I should hear it sometime, then I could tell it to other people, nah I will consider that. "Well, what time do I have to pick you up then? Because I'm leaving to Louise's place around five" Kyle said, as he stood up with his dishes and walked over to the sink. "Well.. I'm done about four, so can you get me there?" Dave answered and Kyle just nodded and agreed. 

"Well, have a nice day in school kids! Dad and I will be home late ok? Love you, oh and Lara.." my mother said as she gave us a goodbye hug each, "did you take your pills?" she smiled her heartwarming smile at me. I nodded, and looked down to the ground. She nodded and gave me a hug, and then I skipped over to my brothers and we drove off to school. The whole ride I looked out of the window, feeling guilty over the fact that I lied to my own mother, and told her I took my medicine when I didn't. I growled to myself and rubbed my eyes. The car stopped in front of a red light, and I took the little pause as an opputinuty to open the window to get some fresh air. I heard the boys talk about football and how dangerous it would be with Dave on the field, but I zoomed out of their conversation when I saw something beautiful. Some clear ocean blue eyes were starring at me, the eyes belonged to a blond boy who had an amazing smile on his face. I couldn't stop myself from giving him the elevator look, and my eyes started to scan his body. He had a red sweatshirt on, black tight jeans and some black sunglasses on the top of his blond hair. He was stunning. As my eyes travelled back to his face, I saw that he was smirking and clearly saw that I was staring at him. I started to blush like crazy, and looked down on my shoes, when the car suddenly started to drive again. I quickly looked up again, just to see the boy was gone. A feeling of sadness hit my body, I would love to get a name on that boy, he was looking amazing! 


"Lara, you hear me?" I heard Jason say as he looked at me, smiling. "What? Oh.. Sorry I zoomed out, you were saying?" I looked at him and smiled big. "I was saying, are you coming out or do you want all your classes in the car?" he laughed. I looked confused at him, then out of the window where I found out we were at the school. I blushed and nodded while getting out of the car. "See you losers later!" we heard Kyle say, before he drove off to his school. I looked at the school and sighed high. "I don't have powers for this.." I said as I started to walk towards the doors, with Jason and Dave on either side of me. "You think we are? Now go to class before you'll be late" Jason said as he pushed me towards the doors that lead to my classes. I smiled at him, and we said our goodbyes. I looked at Dave who was still walking with me, and smiled at him. He always followed me to class. "You know, you'll be late for biology if you walk me all the way, I can walk myself." I smiled at him. He looked serious at me, then sighed and smiled. He hugged me and we said goodbye. And so I started my lonely walk towards my english class. 

As I was about to turn the last corner to get to class something, or someone, caught my eye. His blue eyes were placed on me and his smile was big. I could feel my cheeks getting hot. I looked up from the ground, and fought the urge to look down his body again, instead I looked directly into his eyes. I could feel my heart skip a beat as he suddenly started to move closer to me. Suddenly he was standing right in front of me. He smirked as he took my hand and placed a kiss on it. 


"Hello love, I'm Niall, Niall Horan"







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