the tale

it tells the tale


1. the tale


"Let me tell you a story. This is my story"

"once upon a time i was normal, well as normal as I could be. Well almost human at least...

Anyway, I was reasonably normal, had a home two human parents a little brother, and lived a normal life. Until I met a man. He was, lets say, mid twenties, it doesn't really matter what he looked like either, I think he had brown hair. What does matter is that he was like me, now me anyway. I cant remember where I met him, that isn't a key part to the story either. But I met this man, and alike to me he wasn't human. He awakened my true self. My non-human  side if you will. I will not go into details how.

"You had sex with him or he raped you?"

"No, he set me on fire and waited to watch me burn.The use of his, lets say, 'powers', against me unlocked my own. I absorbed the flames that licked up my body and stood unharmed before him. Anyway I digress...

"So my 'powers' grew with every creature I came across and came into contact with, I stroked my dog an my ability to mimic his form appeared, I rescued a spider  and put it outside away from my mothers firm boot I could then change into a range of sized spiders. With each contact my abilities grew. stronger and more developed I soon found that just reading about their forms allowed me to transform. So creatures of myths and legends joined my repertoire.

 Soon people heard about my abilities. I was invited to be a permanent article in a performance show.I was their freak act. Halloween was my first gig. And it was OK. the pay was good. I was given enough freedom. They had their favourites the wolf to start the show, a spider the size of a car to weave the shows emblem in silk on the stage to end the show. I played along for a while, spent about a year there. Until they came to perform. They used to be my favourite band, I still like their music but not as much any more. Their lead singer liked my performance so much he came to my dressing room after the show. To have sex with me. And when I refused him..

 He had stolen on of the dates my guards kept loaded in their guns. If I lost control it would block my powers for a short period of time. This would allow them to move me to an area safe for me to lose control without hurting anyone. It had never needed to be used. 

It was never his intention to leave with nothing. He had came here to fuck the freak. Once I had rejected his offer, he intended to use the dart so I couldn't use my powers. To rape me when I couldn't defend myself.

My guards thought something was wrong when I howled. They thought I had lost control. They barged through the door thinking they would need to sedate me. I don't know how the lead singer talked his way out of it. I didn't wait.  turning into the form I felt most safe in, the wolf, I ran. 

Thinking I was a safe distance away I called my dad. he came and picked me up. 

Since the development of my abilities my parents had distanced themselves from me. Thinking back now, the only reason they kept in contact with me was probably due to the free tickets they were given. They cut the contact I had with my younger brother.

Ignoring my pleading and begging my father had brought me back to the studio, so again I ran.This time to someone I could truly trust, someone who would always except me.

I stayed at her house, lying low, watching the chaos and escalation my disappearance caused through windows of glass and electronics. They marked me as a monster, a beast with uncontrollable rage, without humanity. 

With the impossibility of me procuring a passport. We used the money I had saved from the show job to pay for me to be transported as a wolf  to the safe haven of the Yellowstone national park. 'for me to be release back into the wild' because keeping a wild animal in a cage is cruelty. 

For a year I have now been here. I established myself as the alpha female of the largest pack here. A man comes, him, hunting me.The lead singer who tried to rape me,no you didn't realise that. You sedate and kidnap one of my female wolves. So I have come to take her back. 

Now all this time you have been trying to sneak that gun out of the draw behind you. Itching to hold it for protection as i have told you this why aren't you now?

"Is he alive?" 

I turn to the man floating behind me.

"yes, he is just in a coma I induced, he can hear everything we have been saying"

"You are taking him with you?"


"Be safe then, don't get caught" 

"Thank you"

I turn, smiling as I leave with the wolf at my heels and the man floating behind me.You bring out the gun holding it in your hand for a moment and point it. 


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