Swallow my pride.

Eva is being bullied for a long time because she is different;she has different taste in music,different style and she can't fit in her surrounding enviroment.But one day,everything changes when she meets Luke,someone with same interests with her....How is this weird relationship going to develop?


5. chapter 3

Eva's POV

Next day in school there was something different,a new student.He was on my first period's class.

"This is Lucas Hemmings,the new student from Australia" mrs Johns said.

"Actually,it's Luke,mrs Johns." Luke corrected.

I looked at him from the bottom to the top.He wore a red flannel,black leggings and black vans,He had a lot of tattoos and a lip piercing.He was really cute.

"Well,Luke go and sit next to uuum Eva." mrs Johns said.

"Poor Luke,you'll sit with the freak" Sadie said and the whole class started laughing.

"Well I'm lucky enough for not seating with you,because then I would have to deal with your bitchy attitude." Luke answered and suddenly the class went quiet.

"Rosset,Hemmings,to the principle's office.now!" Mrs Johns said and Luke and Sadie quickly got out of the class.

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