Swallow my pride.

Eva is being bullied for a long time because she is different;she has different taste in music,different style and she can't fit in her surrounding enviroment.But one day,everything changes when she meets Luke,someone with same interests with her....How is this weird relationship going to develop?


4. chapter 2

Eva's POV

After school a group of guys from the football team were following me on my way back to home.They were laughing for some reason,but I ignored them.When I got home,I understood why.

Someone had written in my black bag-pack with white permanent pen things like:"pathetic looser" "freak" "society's embarrassment" "no taste in music" "weirdo with the black-red hair" and lot of comments like that.

I felt horrible.I've always been teased because I was different but not like that.I couldn't understand..Why were they so mean with me?What have I done to them?Is being different so bad?Those questions where in my mind for hours,filling my eyes with tears.

I went to the mirror and looked myself.my skin was too white and I was too short and skinny for my age.I had big green/grey eyes and straight long hair dyed black and dark red.My eyes were red from crying,but last days I've started getting used to it..my hoodie was to big for me,but I love oversized clothes.my hair were in a ponytail.I looked weird,different.

I could never in a million years be like all the other girls in my age.I didn't have the perfect body,or the confidence to wear red lipstick or walk on heels or talk to cute guys.the only people who had held my hand in public are my parents.

I feel so lonely and lost,between all the other people.like I'm lost in my own,little world the whole time..


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