Swallow my pride.

Eva is being bullied for a long time because she is different;she has different taste in music,different style and she can't fit in her surrounding enviroment.But one day,everything changes when she meets Luke,someone with same interests with her....How is this weird relationship going to develop?


2. chapter 1

Eva's POV

Ew,Monday.Another day of hell.

I quickly got out of bed and got ready for school.I wore my black skinny jeans,a grey hoodie and a beany.I got my bag and started my way to school.

While I was walking,Sadie and her friends were walking beside me,making hate comments about everyone.

Sadie was that girl who made my life a living hell,because of a misunderstanding episode.We had a good relationship,until one day her boyfriend kissed me the moment she came to his locker,and then blamed me for kissing him.Sadie believed him and from that day,she has turned the whole school against me.

"Good morning freak" her voice interrupted my thoughts.

I didn't answer.I didn't want to start my day with a fight as always.I walked into the school.Same hate comments.

"Ew look at her"

"She is such a freak"

"Look who's here!the freak with the piercings"

I tried to ignore them,I putted Bring Me The Horizon in my phone and wore my headphones.


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