heralding crows

All through history the creature's kind has been hunted, forced to hide, many packs, cubs, and elders destroyed by the humans aim to conquest and kill. Humans have no pity for any that is not its own kind, killing and destroying, the lives of innocent creatures they do not understand. claiming it was for the good of the people whether, religiously, 'Carrying out God's work' on earth. Or that any kind opposing them is a danger to the world they built. The time has come to stand up and fight.


2. the warning shadows


The water ran down her face, blurring her vision as it trickled into her eyes. Individual droplets clung to her lashes as she pushed forward. Muddy, grit filled water hit her face as her wheels spat at her. Despite the creeping chill through her leather jacket, as water trickled through cracks where leather met skin, a euphoric smile lit up her face. melodic laughter refracted through the torrential rain. 

"Come on, Myra,"

"I. Hate. This. Bloody rain, why the hell did I let you convince me to bike in this morning?"

This caused another erratic laugh to escape her lips.

"What is could possibly be wrong with this beautiful English weather. 'I'm singing in the rain just singing in the rain what a glorious feeling I'm happy again...'"

"Your a strange creature Lu' "

The use of her nickname, told her, her friends discordance was with the weather not with her. And flashing her most impish grin back to her friend, she sped up as she reached the base of the hill leading up to the sixth form. 

Hair stuck to her face, the mixture of rain and sweat clung to her skin. The stiffness of her jeans, silvery due to the collection of moisture and stodgy puddles filling her boots warmed as she waited at the top of the hill. Staring through the collective grey of buildings, cars she noticed a red shadow lurking behind the veil of water it tapped its wrist and vanished as her friend, out of breath and radiating annoyance reached her.

"Lets just get in, out of this bloody rain"

Locking up the bikes, they hurried into the pulsating heat of the library. Bodies gossiping in corners circled each other occasional looking up as the doors hushed creaking interrupted their trains of thoughts. Myra fell straight into the arms of her boyfriend, sheepish and drowned wishing for the long term comfort in his grasp.

"I thought I smelt a wet dog"

"Hello Lu', well don't you look fabulous"

"I was going for the drowned rat look, anyway cafe' I need a hot chocolate, coming?"

Throwing off her boots and jacket, dumping her bag on the floor she grabbed her purse and looked to Essie' to follow. Trying not to giggle as she looked at Lupa's soggy soaked self Essie' got up and followed Lupa's sorry state as her feet slapped against the wooden floor. 

"I'm sorry Lu' I'm trying not to laugh, I'm failing miserably."

"Charming, after you have quite finished, I'm getting weird looks"

" You look weird... Its understandable really"

Glaring at Essie', she ordered her hot chocolate, choking on the coca dust sprinkled over the top as she breathed in the comforting warmth of the steam that rose from the swirled cream and marshmallows. They walked back in silence Essie' still chuckling at the constant squelching mess that stood beside her.  

They re-entered the library and Lupa paused the air seemed stilled, a deep breath, background voiced faded out,  trickle, a thought of a disturbance, in the force, no now this was ridiculous she was quoting 'star wars'. But their was something, off, watching, hidden. Passing it off as just her paranoia she shrugged and dissolved into the fray of her friend group. Clutching her hot chocolate, she stared, distancing her mind from its heightening suspicion.  


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