heralding crows

All through history the creature's kind has been hunted, forced to hide, many packs, cubs, and elders destroyed by the humans aim to conquest and kill. Humans have no pity for any that is not its own kind, killing and destroying, the lives of innocent creatures they do not understand. claiming it was for the good of the people whether, religiously, 'Carrying out God's work' on earth. Or that any kind opposing them is a danger to the world they built. The time has come to stand up and fight.


1. prologue

They came. Their voices as heralding as crows. Speech was foreign to them the noises that left their mouths only spoke of murder and pain. They came to kill. A creature they did not understand or truly believe in, so they feared it. They would hunt it until it was truly dead. But that still wouldn't be enough. They would hunt its kind and destroy its world before its very eyes. They wouldn't stop. Nothing would pause their hunt and destruction. They would destroy the world to find the creature, they called a beast. Covering the world in fire , smoking it out until it had nowhere to go.




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