heralding crows

All through history the creature's kind has been hunted, forced to hide, many packs, cubs, and elders destroyed by the humans aim to conquest and kill. Humans have no pity for any that is not its own kind, killing and destroying, the lives of innocent creatures they do not understand. claiming it was for the good of the people whether, religiously, 'Carrying out God's work' on earth. Or that any kind opposing them is a danger to the world they built. The time has come to stand up and fight.


3. a present past


The niggle of a thought sunk into the deep subconscious, as she found herself in the midst of the swarm to lessons that filled the corridors. To each others classrooms they filtered back as quickly as the swarm had formed, Like ants back to the nest. 

Finding the route abandoned within seconds Lupa was folllowed to her lesson by a pair of opposites, deep in conversation. A courtly smartly dressed gentlemen figure, quiet and overshadowed by the bulk next to him. People parted as they walked down the centre of the corridor the others height and bulk dressed with a provocative emblem on the his black hoody.

Her mind drifted, ignoring her surroundings. It was all the same, for the past year and a bit she had been here.  Green fire escape signs, pointed her route following her through the blue double doors and watching her drop her bag into the seat next to her and then herself into her seat. She didn't remove any of her things, her teacher walked into the room with coffee in hand and wild dyed hair.

"one, two, three... six, seven who's missing? ah , harry. right you are all here, so shoo, go, you have got writing to get on with."

Dumping her stuff on the desk, keeping her coffee upright, she waved us out of the room.

"if you need anything come back, but otherwise I don't expect to see you back here"

We all dragged ourselves back out into the corridor and returned to the library. Our usual table had been evacuated from the swarm of us before, to the dwindling few that had a free this morning. 

"back so soon?"

"yep, another doss, but we actually have to do some work today."

Essie scoffed as I ditched my bag by the wall and laid out my laptop. I was still walking round in my socks, the chill brought with the dampness caused me to shiver. Arms slithered around my waist causing me to shrink beneath the touch.

"cold, my Lupa."

"if I were you I would remove your hands from around my waist before I permanently remove them from your body."

The arms tightened. And a whispered breath rested next to my ear.

"I would like to see you try, Ou no joō."

Smiling sweetly I turned, his arms still in a ring around me. Behind the dark screen of hair his eyes flashed red. my burned orange, challenging his claim. 

"Akuma, you may be surprised, Watashi no burēdo ga hayaku narimashita."

Unwinding his arms in surrender, he threw himself down on one of the remaining chairs. Patting the chair beside him he invited me towards him. An invitation I declined as I took the only other remaining seat, furthest from him. 

 The tension between us ricocheted off my companions who's own emotions confused the company.

 "what are you doing here?"

"does it matter."

"yes it does, you shouldn't be here, you should be..."

"soo. where are you from? is it japan, that was Japanese you and Lu' were just speaking recognised it from all the animi's, do you watch animi. fairytale..."    

"Anata o hogo suru tame ni koko ni Imu."

"English, Raiden."

"He's back. the hunt has begun."



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