Hogwarts School of Witchcraft And Wizardry

Lola Lynwood is a young witch who invited to learn at Hogwarts school of magic. At the beginning she is reluctant to attend the school for more reasons than one but after a year of utter pain and loss she decides to go. Starting school as second year will be difficult but hopefully with the help of some new found love and friends hopefully she will be able to catch up.


1. The Unopened Letter

I had began to wonder when it would come. A month ago I would have been dancing around the kitchen reading the beautifully handwritten letter. But today I just stood there. Starring at it. Unsure of what to do.

"What's that you've got there Lola?" asked my older brother Jack. He was 18 years old now. He was tall and had jet black hair like our father, where as I was short and had blond hair like Mum. You would hardly think we were related because the only trait we seemed to share was our deep blue eyes. I hesitated but decided to tell him anyway "just my letter from Hogwarts" he looked at me with shock "just a letter from Hogwarts!" he repeated after me "have you gone mad, it's a wonderful opportunity!" I couldn't believe what I was hearing "well of course I'm not going to go. I couldn't, no I wouldn't leave you and dad alone. Jack it's only been 3 weeks!" I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. And with that I turn and leave, dropping the unopened envelope in the rubbish bin on my way up the stairs.

Katie Lynwood is My mother or at least was my mother. 3 weeks ago she was murdered by the death-eater who goes by the name of Bellatrix Lestrange. I was at my best friend Neville Longbotton's house when i received a call to let me know what had just happened to my mother. I started to scream and cry. Neville and his grandmother calmed me down and I told them about Bellatrix and my mother. As soon as I mentioned the name Bellatrix, Neville went into shock. He froze. Unable to move. I still haven't found out why he reacted so badly to the name, but after that everything became an extremely painful blur.

I lay in my bed sobbing rather noisily, unable to remove my mind from that horrible day 3 weeks ago and the letter that lies unopened in the bin downstairs.

So credit to J.K Rowling for most of the characters and the basis of the story. Also this is my first time writing so I hope you enjoy!

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