Hogwarts School of Witchcraft And Wizardry

Lola Lynwood is a young witch who invited to learn at Hogwarts school of magic. At the beginning she is reluctant to attend the school for more reasons than one but after a year of utter pain and loss she decides to go. Starting school as second year will be difficult but hopefully with the help of some new found love and friends hopefully she will be able to catch up.


3. Reunited

I opened the door carefully as though something was going to jump out at me. Sitting in front of me now were eight faces. One I recognized. He stood up quickly. "Lola what are you doing here?" I didn't reply. I just slapped him straight across the face and then pulled him into a hug. I could feel myself beginning to cry. "You just abandoned me Neville. When I needed you most you were gone." I managed "you and your grandma are the only family I have left. You are like my brother but you were never there for me!"I think I was yelling now. "Lola I'm sorry" he said "did you ever wonder why I froze when you mentioned the name... The name Bellatrix?" I nodded into his shoulder "she was the one who tortured my mother and father as well." I could feel his heart racing. "I was scared. But that's no excuse I should have been there for you anyway. I truly am sorry."

We stayed together for a long time before a ginger haired boy that looked like he had a twin coughed rather awkwardly. We pulled apart. "Sorry where are my manners." Said Neville quickly "everyone this is my..." He hesitated "...new sister Lola Lynwood." I smiled at everyone but I was mainly just happy about having a new brother. "Lola this is Fred and George Weasley" he pointed at the two orange haired twins. "Ron Weasley" another ginger boy who looked a little younger than the twins "Ginny Weasley" a red haired girl smiled at me kindly "Hermione Granger" this girl shot up and gave me a giant hug "Luna Lovegood" he said as his face flushed red "and lastly..." He began

"Harry potter" I finished "it's a pleasure to meet you"

I say down in between Neville and one of the twins. There was a pregnant pause. "Um if you don't mind me asking" Ron Weasley began "how come you weren't at Hogwarts last year?"

I explained to them the entire story about Bellatrix and how she killed my mother and then father and brother and I managed to hold back the tears.

"wow that's absolutely horrific!" Said Hermione "I feel so terrible for you." I gave her a weak smile. I could feel myself getting upset again. Obviously Harry could as well "Well we should be arriving any minute now" said Harry desperately trying to change the subject and with that the topic was dropped.

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