a w a k e

"I am not the person I want to be"

Where a girl wakes up in a prison-house and forgets everything except the moon.


1. penny - two days



It’s been two days. Two days since I woke up. Two days since I got amnesia. Two days since I learnt my name. Penny. I remember thinking that Penny was an odd name for a girl like me. I thought I should have a different name, but then again, it did sound oddly familiar. But I still couldn’t remember.

I woke up on a Thursday, around three in the morning. There was no sun, just the bright, round moon shining through a rectangle brick sized window. The only thing I remember seeing. All I could remember was the moon.

I didn’t understand though, why the moon?

I was in a sort of prison-looking room. That might not make sense, but that was how it looked. Grey, brick walls and a metal door, with heavy bolts attached to the corner. And then there was a boy there, but I didn’t know who he was. He was cute though, reminded me of a blonde little elf I once dreamt of. I watched him sleep for a little bit, not in the creepy way, but in awe. I thought the moon was beautiful, but as the moon shone down on him, he looked like an Angel. I wondered why he was the only one to be in here. Why we were stuck in here together, how he knew who I was?

I heard screams coming from the other side of the door and jumped, causing the boy to wake up. At first he was shocked, speechless, just hugging me and kissing me all over my face and before he could get to my lips, I stopped him.


“Who are you?” I had whispered, my voice a little sore for some strange reason. I saw his eyes go from a bright happiness to grey clouds. He looked so confused. I felt bad.

He then began to ask me questions.


“What’s your name?”

“Where are you?”

“How old are you?”

“Who are your parents?”


All of the questions were so simple and usually so easy, but I couldn’t remember anything. I couldn’t remember.

The boy told me his name was Harry and before I could ask anymore questions, the doctor came in and told us that I had lost my memory and didn’t know how long it would take for me to get it back. My first thought was ‘well if I lost my memory, how do I know what a doctor is?’ I mean, shouldn’t I have lost all memories, including everything I’ve learnt. Clearly not.


Now it’s Saturday, and I’ve just come back from the doctor/therapist or whatever you want to call her. It’s been two weeks and I’ve just discovered who I am, and who I am is not who I want to be. 




Harry is Thomas Brodie-Sangster

because hot

Penny is Taissa Farmiga

because beauty


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