Hariet Potter and Dracos little "prank"

AU- Draco is friends with the trio!!

Draco Malfoy turned Harry Potter into a girl, but this postion changes more than your looks. How will harry deal with what come next?

(this is kind of slash but not really as harrys a girl, for most is it)


2. DAY TWO: officially Harriet Potter

"DRACOOO!!" Harry ran as fast and she could to draco who nearly ran away out of fright, but picked her up and hugged her anyway. this was perfect for draco because he had come to a conclusion that he was in love with her and would just have to deal with it, anyway this was perfict because the spell had made "Harriet" much smaller than draco and that was his exscuse to act all lovey dovey huggy with her.
"soo how are you feeling" Draco asked as they took a walk around the grounds it was really early because nether of them slep well.
"no actually the tranformation hurt A LOT!!" harry giggled but draco looked mortified. "Draco im kidding" she giggled again.
"fucking hell Harry" draco said hugging her like she had almost died "dont do that, its my fault you're in this mess in the first place, no need to make me feel even worse." draco let go of her and swor he saw a bit of dissapointment in her eyes. "so anyway, how much do you remember" he said sitting down in their normal spot by the black lake.
"well i remember that you're my best friend, my brother since we were 11, um... i remember that i was a boy a day ago and that this is your fault, but i dont acosiate being a boy with other people, i have memorys of being a girl with everyone but you." harry layed on the grass with her hand behind her head. Draco did the same.
"so... is that all you remember?"
"no." Harry said simply
"what else?"
"remember that you're in love with me, and i also remember thats how i can acosiate being a boy with you. but why its that way i can't remember, and i would like it to stay that way please."
"sorry" draco turned away from harry
"sorry?? what for" she asked getting up on her side and putting a hand on his sholder
"L, Loving you, if i didn't you would just be a normal-ish girl, and in a week a boy again and everything would be fine, but because of this you remember things and its now going to be harder for you."
"thats what he said??" harry giggle
"what, that makes no sence,"
"sorry muggle joke, Draco it would be hard anyway, i love remembering you, it actualy makes this a bit easyer. Draco please look at me" Draco turned around, and suddelny she was caught in a world of sliver and gray, birght blond and somthing she didn't want ** god no, i wanna be me again, i don't, don't, oh he is very, good looking though, NO Harry, Draco is Draco and you WANT to be you again.**
"Harry are you ok, you're day dreaming" ::if she keeps looking at me like that all girly and beautiful i might just have to kiss her and get it in trouble later::

"Draco, did you love me when i was a boy?" harry said sitting up, she didn't know why she was saying this, it wasn't going to help her... situation.
"yes" was dracos simple answer, he looked embarased, Harry had this overwhelming feeling to hug him, but she didn't act on it, right really did want to become a boy again and didn't want to giver her new girl mind anything to help with... This!!




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