Hariet Potter and Dracos little "prank"

AU- Draco is friends with the trio!!

Draco Malfoy turned Harry Potter into a girl, but this postion changes more than your looks. How will harry deal with what come next?

(this is kind of slash but not really as harrys a girl, for most is it)


1. DAY ONE: Malfoys in trouble

::dracos thoughts::
**harrys thoughts**



"is there anyway to undo this??" Harry asked. Malfoy was in the corner of laughing so hard he thought he was gonna pee himself.

"Sorry mate, thought it would be funny!!" Draco handed his best friend a mirror, what harry saw was not Harry, but a brown haired girl. still looked like harry, but softer and well, boobs!!

"Give me that book you got this from!!" Harry yelled, Draco gave him/her the book and sat next to her/ him (hes a bit confused right now)

"DRACO!! you're such an idiot, why didn;t you read this?? look ill read it to you 'the gender reasingment curse' CURSE this is a curse draco, anyway 'will not only change your looks, but will also change the way you think, e.g a boy will start to think like a girl and a girl will start to think like a boy however you will still be "yourself", this can happen as early as 5 minutes into the transformation. These effects will only last a week, unless you fall in love with someone from the oppisite sex to what you have been turned into'

"well theres no chance of that happening is there, your still a dude inside." Draco said very matter-of-factly

"no, draco ill start thinking like a girl. in two minutes, meaning ill be attracted to boys, attracted to you!!"

" wait, what!!" draco said looking at harry sharply

"um... lets just keep reading 'everyone around you will not remember your prievouse gender' well then why can you still remember im a BOY!!"


"Harriet" she said quickly "sorry, i don't know why i said that"

"harriet, keep reading"

"ok 'only those who are truly in love with you will be able to remember'  wait! loves you? Draco why can you still remember me if the book says you shouldn't. you don't love me? do you?". Harry put the book down and  draco started walking around the room,

"Draco?" Harry asked "Draco talk to me??" Harry had two minutes untill his brian started changing, and well everything changed with it, he would have a girl best friend, and a beautiful one at that. Over time even Draco would start to think of him as a girl, and it wouldn't be hard, he was really beautiful, if she wasn't his best friend he would say hot or sexy, but... oh who was he kidding, the two minutes were almost up and he was already beginging to like her as a girl. Harry knew good and well that Draco was bisexual, but didn't know that he had loved harry for-almost-ever. and it would be just as easy to love him as a girl. ::30 seconds:: draco thought ::10, 9, 8::
Hariet, Harry ::oh whatever:: got up and walked towards Draco ::shit, shit. 3,2,1...:: Harry stopped dead in his tracks

"so... is... is everything like pink or something" draco laughed hopeing to ease the tention. Harriet cocked her head :oh my gosh shes beautiful:: **oh my gosh, hes georgus** Harriet smiled and dracos breath hitched
"what are you looking at?" she laughed, ::yeah, i think harrys still in there:: "dracooooo????????" ::ok well a very girly harry:: "so should i still call you Harry??" draco asked stepping foward
"YOU can." she said stepping closer to him. "and only you" she smiled again. they stared at eachother for a minute, then she slapped him, right in his face.
"what was that for" he yelled
"you turned me into a girl, or have you forgetten about that now??"
"right so i did, now harry? what are we gonna do? i mean you can't fall in love with anyone for an entite week so you can turn back into a boy not that its that hard, but it could happen i mean in a few days you ARE gonna forget everything about being a boy. well, accept from me, because umm... well...
"because we have recently found out you in love me with or what ever??"
well... yes actually" draco mumbled rubbing the back of his neck avoiding  harrys eyes.
"draco... you have to help me. i WILL fully BECOME a girl in less that 24 hours, and that means im going to like boys, meaning i COULD fall in love with a boy therefore never turning into a boy ever again."
"Harry its fine i promice, just go to bed and you will be fine, your my best friend and you will be ok, yess you're gonna be 100% girl by tomorrow but i will aways be hear."
"well im so lucky, draco malfoy would never be himself around blase oe pansy. Go me!!"

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