Luke is mine (16+)

This girl Madison moves to Australia with her cousin Calum. She meets his friends and becomes a good friend with Luke and finds out she has feelings for him but does he have the same feelings


1. moving to Australia

//Madison's POV//

"I am packing my bags because I have to fly to Sydney, Australia. My parents died in a car crash. I'm trying not to think about it" I said.

"Oh I should introduce myself. I am Madison and I am 16 years old and I am being forced to move to Sydney, Australia because I'm to young to live alone. I have to go live with my Aunt Riley and my cousin Calum.

They are the only family members I have left besides my grandma who is really old and she won't be able to take care of me so I had no choice to live with my Aunt Riley and my cousin Calum.

Moving to Australia is going to be really hard for me because I have to leave everything behind all my friends, all my important stuff, ETC.

I'm really going to miss Florida it's a really pretty place I mean like it has a beautiful sunset and I love the blue color of the sky and it's just so nice here.

I never really met my Aunt Riley and Cousin Calum except the time I was like 6 and that was 10 years ago so I don't even remember what they look like.

I'm pretty sure they changed their looks because it has been 10 years since I saw them last like seriously. I mean I miss them but I'm wondering how they were doing for all these years I haven't got to see them.

I hope Calum is a nice guy. I'm pretty sure he will be nice because I heard he was raised by a good family and all that so yeah.

I know that Aunt Riley is a nice woman for sure. I just never met Calum before which is really weird because he is 2 years older than me.

Which makes him 18. He's lucky he is old enough to stay home alone I ain't because I still have 2 years to go until I can stay home alone.

I wish I was born in a year that makes me 18 already so I don't have to move to Australia with my Aunt Riley and Cousin Calum.

Which I'm not sure if I'm going to like it there. I hope I do. I hope there house has a room so I can have my own room so I don't have to sleep in the same room as Calum or whoever.

Ok so I'm on the plane. I can tell it's going to be a long flight but I will just sit here listening to my music.

We were finally at the airport in Sydney, Australia. I'm kind of excited. I mean I always wanted to visit Australia but I never wanted to live here. I'm pretty sure I'm going to like it here.

I found my suitcases and I grabbed them off the conveyer belt. I suddenly here someone shout my name. "MADISON" He said. I turned around and saw this boy with black hair.

He came running up and hugged me. When he hugged me I couldn't breath it's like he was so excited to see me.

But how did he know what I looked like and who I was. Maybe I did meet him when we were little I just don't remember it.

He grabbed my suitcases. "Here follow me" Calum said. "Here I will take my suitcases" I said. "No no no I got them missy" he said. Wow he was such a gentleman.

Some boys ain't like that which is a fact of course. Although he was treated right and he was in a good family and in a good home.

So we were on our way to Aunt Riley and Calum's house. We finally pulled into the driveway. It felt like we were driving for hours.

He got out of the car and opened my door and let me out. "Thank you Calum" I said. "Your welcome" Calum said.

He got my suitcases out of the trunk and took them in the house. He went up and showed me my room. It was AMAZING!!!

"I love it Calum" I said. He put my bags in my room. "Here follow me I want to introduce you to my friends" he said.

He took me to the room next to his room and opened the door. I saw 3 boys. 2 of them were playing video games and 1 was on his phone. He didn't even bother to look up.

The one was jumping up and down on the couch yelling I will beat you. "Ashton, Ashton, ASHTON" Calum said. "What dude" he said. "Calm down stop jumping on the couch and yelling, JEEZ" Calum said.

"That is Ashton he is kind of an idiot" Calum said. I laughed. "Hey I'm not an idiot Calum" Ashton said.

"Ashton this is Madison my cousin" Calum said. "Oh WOW!! You didn't tell me she was Smoking hot" Ashton said.

"Hey watch it and I'm watching you" Calum said. "Okay then" I said. "That's Michael" Calum said. "Michael this is my cousin Madison" Calum said. "Hi Madison" Michael said. "Hey" I said.

"That one over there is Luke he's a bit grumpy his girlfriend Ashley just broke up with him" Calum said. "Ok that's nice to know" I said.

"LUKE TAKE OUT YOUR HEAD PHONES AND SAY HI TO CALUM'S COUSIN" Ashton said. Luke didn't do anything. So Ashton went over there and pulled the headphones out of his ear and took them from him.

Luke tried to grab them but Ashton wouldn't let him. "So Madison have a seat and tell us something's about you" Michael said.

"Umm what do you guys want to know" I said. "Anything really" Ashton said. "Well I lived in Florida before I came here" I said. "Why did you have to live here where are your parents" Ashton said.

Calum slapped him in the shoulder. "No it's ok Calum umm my... my... my parents died in a car crash umm a... a... a few days ago. So I had to come here" I said even though I felt like I was going to cry.

"Oh hey Luke you know what I just noticed Madison kind of looks like Ashley" Ashton said. "NO SHE DOESNT NO ONE LOOKS LIKE ASHLEY" Luke yelled.

"I'm so sorry Madison he's just really upset and Ashton you had to bring Ashley up didn't you" Calum said. "Sorry I didn't know he was going to get angry about it" Ashton said.

"You know what I think I'm going to go in my room for a little" I said. "Great she's upset and she has only been here at least a half-an-hour"Calum said.

//Luke's P.O.V//

I walked out on the front porch and sat down in a chair. I mean Madison does kind of look like Ashley though.

I feel bad about yelling at her like that. I think I should go apologize. I opened the door and walked in the house.

I opened the door to the room where the boys were. "Hey Luke" Ashton said. "Hey" I said. "Look I'm sorry about what I said about you know who" Ashton said.

"It's ok dude" I said. "Are you sure" Ashton says. "Ya I'm sure and has any of you guys seen Madison" I said.

"Why do you need to know that" Calum said. "Because I want to apologize for yelling at her earlier" I said.

"Ok then she's in her room" Calum said. "Ok thanks Calum" I said. "Your welcome bro" he said. I knocked on the door.

"Who is it" she said sounding like she was crying. "Umm it's Luke look I need to talk to you and I have a surprise" I said.

I heard her get up and she opened the door. "Come in" she said wiping the tears off her face. I went in and sat on her bed then she came over and sat on her bed with me.

"Look I'm sorry for yelling at you like that earlier" I said. "It's fine" she said. "No it's not Madison I'm just so I don't know my feelings are just mixed together and it feels like I have something in my stomach for some random reason.

All of a sudden she leaned over and hugged me. I had these heat flashes coming down my back I never felt this way in a long time.

The feeling that I had just made me hug her back which she was so cold. I felt bad. She let go but I didn't. "Why won't you let me go Luke" she said. "Because your cold and I want you to stay warm so I'm gonna keep you warm" I said.

"Ok that's fine with me" she said. I really liked it when she hugged me. "Oh I almost forgot I wanted to give you this" I said. "What is it" she said.

"Its a charm bracelet" I said. "It's beautiful" she said. "Thanks I knew you would like it but I'm afraid I half to go I guess I will see you later then" I said. "Oh you know it" she said with a big smile showing her dimples on her cheeks.

I have to admit I love her smile a lot. Especially when her dimples show. She looks hot with them when she smiles. I know I shouldn't like her but I can't help it it's hard. But I hope she has the same feelings as I do for her.

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