Luke is mine (16+)

This girl Madison moves to Australia with her cousin Calum. She meets his friends and becomes a good friend with Luke and finds out she has feelings for him but does he have the same feelings


2. going shopping

//Calum's POV//

"Guys I think I have a way to get Luke and Madison to do something together" Calum said. "Awesome what's your plan" Ashton said.

"My plan is to get Luke over here and Madison wanted me to take her shopping today but we are going to say we have to go somewhere" Calum said. "Ok umm what's the rest" Ashton said.

"Ok and then we will tell her that Luke is going to take her shopping so they can get to know each other more and stuff" Calum said.

"Well that sounds like a good plan" Michael said. "DAHH why wouldn't be" Calum said. "Ok well let's get this plan started" Michael said.

So I called Luke. "Hey Luke" I said. "Hey Calum" Luke said. "You need to come to my house ASAP" I said. "Ok I will be over in 5" he said.

So I heard a knock on the door. I opened it and saw Luke. "Hey bro" I said. "Sup Cal" he said. Madison came walking down the stairs.

"Mad Luke is going to take you shopping today I have to take Michael and Ashton somewhere" I said. "Cool where are you guys going" she said.

"Ummm... We have to go to help with charity" Aston said. "Ok??" Madison said. "Alright I guess we are just going to go now" Michael said with a fake smile on his face.

//Madison P.O.V//

We walked out to Luke's car and he opened the door for me which was really weird. "Thanks" I said. "Your welcome" he said with a big smile on his face. I have to admit I love his smile.

He has perfect white teeth and it just makes me want to... Luke distracted me from my thoughts. "Hey I just wanted to apologize for what happened yesterday and what I said" he said. "It's fine fine really" I said. "No it's not" he said with a serious face. "It is Luke I swear" I said.

"Well it's just that Ashley was a really bad girl and I feel like she has changed me a lot" he said. "Well I'm pretty sure that the good Luke will come back" I said with a smile on my face.

We finally got to the mall. And we both went in. We went to the clothes section. I bought a few shirts and a few pair of skinny jeans. I also bought jean shorts.

Luke was just following me everywhere I went and I really appreciated it. I was heading towards the men's section. "Wait Madison where are you going and why are you going to the men's section" he said with a really serious look.

"I'm just doing something" I said. I grab a shirt off of the rack and hold it up to him to see if he looked good in it. "What are you doing your not going to buy me any clothes" he said. "If I want to buy you clothes then I'm getting you clothes" I said with a smile on my face while I was picking out shirts for him.

"No Madison I'm not going to let you buy me clothes" he said laughing. "Well to bad then because I'm getting you these shirts" I said. Then I walked over where the jeans were.

I grabbed a pair of skinny jeans. "I think you look hot in skinny jeans" I said. "Really" Luke said with a smile on his face showing his cute dimples. "Ya so I'm getting you a few dark blue skinny jeans and a few black skinny jeans you look the best in black though but I'm still getting you some dark blue" I said picking out the jeans.

"Do you really think that I look better in black skinny jeans" he said while looking at the ground. I put my finger under his chin and I held his chin up so he was looking at me. I looked into his eyes and they were a beautiful ocean blue color.

They were really pretty. "Yes I do I think you look hot in them" I said still holding his chin up. We went to the check out and payed for the clothes. We got out of the store and walked to the car. He opened the door for me and I got in. He is such a gentleman.

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