Mrs. All American

"Just because we were a thing, doesn't mean that you know what's best for me Luke!" I screamed at him. He had no right to tell me who I can, and can't hang out with.

"I'm telling you Halley he's no good, I don't want you hurt when he decides to cheat on you."


7. Just Saying.

"When you change your mind I'll be waiting. Cause I'm better than him Just saying. When you change your mind I'll be waiting. Just saying." Calum quietly sang while strumming the strings on his bass. I laid on my stomach, elbows rested and chin in my hands atop the desk that I previously was napping on.

In the back ground Michael and Luke tuned their instruments and wrote in different books after singing a line or two.

"Ooh sounds spicy, is that all?" I wondered kicking my legs back and forth in the air.

"He says he loves you, but it's all an act. He's seeing someone else right behind your back. You know I'd never do that (he would never do that). Just saying." Calum gritted out intensely taking me away from my happy-go-lucky ditsy attitude. He thumped so furiously that I thought the stings would soon pop from the constant heat of his fingers running over them.

"Hey, Cal. You alright?" On instinct I stretched my hand over to meet his that was tightly gripping the neck of the bass guitar. I quickly pulled away as it seemed weird to comfort someone that I've only known for a week or so but it felt nice to know I wasn't alone anymore... I need to keep these touchy hands away from these tight jean wearing, holes in the knees loving, Band Playing Gods!

"I've got to go. I'll see you guys at home." Calum rushed out of the old music room without his bass. Weird and so not like him. All he could talk about was playing his favorite instrument.

"Don't worry about o'l Cal. He just has unrequited love on his mind." Luke held an encouraging smile on his pierced lip. His dimples made it even more welcoming.

"He gets that way sometimes. He'll get over it. Plus he forgot we ride the same bus AND he knows he'd be crazy to walk 5 miles in this heat. " Michael says putting his guitar back into it's case.

But you're wearing skinnies in this type of weather :/

"No heart what's so ever Michael. No heart." I frown but giggle as I stood up on the wooden desk. I made grabby hands hoping one of the boys would catch my drift to pick me up.

Warm hands patted my calves. Michael. As always Michael seems like the serious but knows how to play around type of guy. I like it. I find it attractive in a man when he can be strong and know how to please a woman. Luke was the childish King. He pouts just about every chance he can get which makes me want to bite his lip ring and have my way with just his mouth. Yeah, I said it. You'd think the same way if you saw it 25/8 not 24/7. Calum is like a... He's like... Moody. A moody teenager who gets none. I used to be a Calum until I put out and became a Luke.

Meh what can I say?

"Just saying..." I whisper then snort in the ugliest way possible.

Before anything else could happen Luke busts out laughing. I broke next as Luke's knees weakened to the floor and Michael caved last with a gasp like laugh which made it next to impossible for me to stop.

Only if they knew what ran through my head... Thankfully they're just normal, testosterone filled guys who can't read minds.

After about 10 more minutes of slow dying chuckles we left the abandon music room. The halls were empty as it was the end of the day.

"Ugh, work! I don't wanna go Halley!" Don't look Halley, don't do it. If you do— Luke's tall stature was right next to me staring into my green eyes as I to his blue, poking his freaking adorable pink lip out.

Must. Resist. Urge. To. Touch. I held my hand back from wanting to do the frickle frackle.

The bus was running late and the people who were on the bus this morning were sitting in the shade under a beautiful wide willow tree including Calum.

"Should I go talk to hi-"

Three quick loud honks interrupted Luke.

"Get in losers, were going shopping."

Oh my dear brother, Ashton.


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