Mrs. All American

"Just because we were a thing, doesn't mean that you know what's best for me Luke!" I screamed at him. He had no right to tell me who I can, and can't hang out with.

"I'm telling you Halley he's no good, I don't want you hurt when he decides to cheat on you."


2. I thought this was Austria...

The warm crisp air wafted my face as I stepped out of the cold airport.

This is what I signed up for. It's not like I could rethink what I've already done. I've never been too far from my New York Condo.

A month ago my school was offering an exchange student program and I didn't want to go for the experience, I needed to go. Most people think New York is the best city to love in. Brooklyn is hard to handle when you're new.

I was nearly born on the A train heading to the Bronx to see my father. My father was an ok man. He could support himself... His wife... And his son.

Tell me why I hadn't known this whole thing was going on until a week ago. I have an older brother named Ashton who lived in Austria.

The sudden ringing of Anaconda from my back pocket brought me out of my thoughts.

"Hey, Halley I've been waiting for you at the baggage claim for a while now where are you?" Oh it's Ashton.

"Yo, are you serious? I was at baggage claim for a long time and didn't see you. What gate are you at?" I asked as I turned around to go back into the airport.

"Gate 15. Now where the hell are you? My friends were on the same plane as you. They're right here and your not."

"Hold on asshole, I'm walking back in wearing the neon green shirt, dark blue shorts with grey vans." I hissed back over the phone.

I dragged my two heavy suitcases along with my Jordan duffel bag back to gate 15. A group of guys stood tall in a huddled group.

"There you are-" Ashton hung up on me.

My bags fell out of my grip to the ground.

"I finally get to meet my baby sister! How was the flight Hal, Are you hungry, Sleepy-" Ashton squeezed the life out of me.

"Annoyed?" Grumbled out the red heads mouth.

"That seems about right Flame. I'm pretty annoyed." I laughed.

Ashton finally let go of me and took my bags off the ground and walked away from the group.

"Well, come on Hal you're in Australia live a little." A tall blonde patted my back.

"Wait what- Austrailia- I thought I was in Austria!" I felt so stupid. No wonder my friends thought I was a airhead.

"Wow my sister is so dumb it's cute!" Ashton gushed.

What ever...

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