Mrs. All American

"Just because we were a thing, doesn't mean that you know what's best for me Luke!" I screamed at him. He had no right to tell me who I can, and can't hang out with.

"I'm telling you Halley he's no good, I don't want you hurt when he decides to cheat on you."


4. Attacks happen man

The car circled a roundabout making me slide into Calum. Me being the ULTIMATE DRAMA QUEEN I had to over do the slide. I threw my head to Calum's chest then kicked my legs up in the air.

"Watch your driving sir, are you trying to kill me?" I screeched.

We came to a stop in front of an Walmart. The super big Walmart that has like subways, and the little nail salon inside.

Luke hopped out with Michael heading toward the electric doors.

"They work here?" I asked and was responded with a head nod from Ashton.

"Next stop is for Cal." Ashton sighed at the front seat.

If you didn't look into his face clearly you wouldn't be able to tell my brother was tuckered out. He has dark circles under his red eyes, which were also droopy. He was tired or a druggie.

A couple blocks down Calum got out of the car to enter a Dicks sporting goods, which is one of my favorite stores.

"Now that were all alone now..." He wiggled his eyebrows

"You're funny Ash, real funny." I actually laughed hard. I guess it's one if those things you have to be there for.


Maybe a good 10 minutes later we passed food trucks, which I was deathly afraid of. I ate at a taco food truck once and had salmonella having me go to the hospital.

We pulled up to a simple ranch style house. With the dark brown tiled roof and sky blue paneling, it already felt like home.

By this time the jet lag has caught up to me. I don't sleep, like ever. I guess you could say it's a loooong story, but I used to hang with the wrong crowd in Brooklyn, they got me into a whole lot of trouble physically, emotionally, psychologically...

"Raven Simone, did you have a vision?" Ash waved his pale hand in my face.

"Hah- sorry I do that a lot. Blank out that is." I got out of the car walking up to the front door. Ashton was fumbling with the keys then suddenly dropped them. He slumped down to the ground wheezing.

Oh my God he's having a asthma attach. I quickly pulled my bag to my side scrambling to find the life changing pump. SHIT where is it-

I pulled out the blue pump with Winnie the Pooh stickers all over the case. Without thinking I pulled Ashton's head into my lap spritzing the air into his lungs.



Ashton gasped filling himself with the oxygen in the air. He coughed up whatever was in his throat breathing heavy.

This happened to me so many times it's not funny, So do panic attacks.

"Ashton, hey look at me," I patted his cheek lightly. "You're ok, I got you now." I felt his forehead- he's burning up!

It's not like I have Luke's or Calum's number. 911 might be too drastic. I picked up the keys off the ground trying basically all of them until I found the right one, undoing the lock.

The house was spotless... I can't think about this right now!

I saw a few doors in a hallway so I rushed toward them seeing names on the doors. I found Ashton's name carved into the painted over white wood. I rushed back outside dragging the heavy log as far as I could, which was the living room I guess?

I propped Ash against the leather couch trying to find the kitchen. Once I found it I opened the freezer pulling out a lot of ice. I placed it in a paper tower wile boiling some water.

The water was boiled so I poured the steaming water into a durable bowl. Ashton was red as a tomato until I placed the makeshift ice pack on his forehead. I put the bowl of water next to him to clear out his airways.

My eyes started to droop taking care of my big brother.

Dumb jet lag.

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