Mrs. All American

"Just because we were a thing, doesn't mean that you know what's best for me Luke!" I screamed at him. He had no right to tell me who I can, and can't hang out with.

"I'm telling you Halley he's no good, I don't want you hurt when he decides to cheat on you."


8. Asterisk's & Offers

I cried but it's ok.

Now updated xxx


"So, Daddy Ash, where are we going?" I asked poking his cheek.

"As much as I like a girl to call me 'Daddy' I really don't want to hear it from my little sister. Seriously, Halley cut it out I'm driving." Ashton swatted my hand away from his face.

A soft hand touched my shoulder from the back seat.

"It's ok Hal, you can call me Daddy anytime you like." Luke loudly whispered into my ear like a child with a secret.

The car swerved to the right before lining back up in the lane. "No she will not. Don't make me come back there and show you who Daddy really is." He did not just say that.

"Ashton," I paused to laugh and I swear tears were forming. "What the heck, you sound like a Dominant and Luke is your Submissive!" I couldn't help but slowly die from the way his accent slurred it out.

"Don't make me come back there and pound big daddy into your tiny ass." That line could definitely be used in a story. Note to self- create a boyxboy story.

"Did you just..." Michaels face was stunned along with Calum and Luke's.

"Did I just what? Say 'Don't make me come back there and pound big Halley's fist into your tiny fass', fass meaning face- then yes I did just say that." You have to quickly come up with this stuff or you're not going to make it very far on the streets.

I just made it awkward so we sat in silence with my phone plugged into the stereo.

Jason Derulo's Trumpets played at a decent volume.

"Well this is our stop. Try not to mess with anyone's head Hal." Mikey and Luke hopped out of the moving car running up to the large Walmart.

I turned in my seat to see Calum resting his face against the glass. His breath fogged the window before he drew a frowny face. :-( one with a nose too. I thought that was Luke's thing...

Then I remembered I finally have everyone's number! I quickly sent Calum a message not wanting Ashton in the loop all that much.


Cal-pal: leave me alone to wallow in my own self pity

Me: Sounds like someone needs a shot of vodka, or tequila!!

Cal-pal: i have a job and school havent been hung over before i wont start now

Me: *OMG tanks Halley Ur da bomb diggy!! I would love to get drunk off my rocker with yuhh!

Cal-pal: ………

Me: *!!!!!!!!!

Cal-pal: i didnt even say that

Me:*yur still DA best bestie!

Me: ohh you're very welcome Cal.

Cal-pal: stop autocorrecting everything i say

Me:*you don't have to thank me beautiful! Cut it out before I blush heheheheheee

Cal-pal: i dont blush or giggle with hehehes

Me: You don't use Capitol Letters or apostrophe's EITHER but you don't see me complaining. So ima sip my tea☕️☕️☕️

Cal-pal: ass

Me:*Your ass tho. **lip bite**

Cal-pal: i hate you

Me: Awe, want me to kiss and make it better?? 😘😘 *kissy emoji*

I was more like referring to his ego being turnt down by annoying the heck out of him. Note to self- *autocorrecting Calum will bring anyone joy. I swiftly turned in my seat to see his reaction to the new text. Calum wore a wide smile on his lips. His brown eyes caught mine while he puckered his lips. That made me laugh quietly as I smooched my index and middle finger together then tap it onto Calum's moist lips.

Who would have known that at least ten-fifteen minutes ago I was having second thoughts about wanting to resist the urge to lay a hand on one of these instrument players. I patted his holey knee and shook my head.

Soon Calum's job came into view as I vaguely heard him whisper something along the lines of "I wish, Hard, and Damn". Before Cal jumped out of the car he said he'd like to take me up on my offers. He was already on the side walk when I rolled down my window.

"Bring me back some basketball player printed socks! Make sure they are Steph Curry and James Harden! If not then don't come into my field of vision for a week. Have a good day at work, Asterisk!

We drove away with Ashton telling me how much fun Australia is going to be for me. I recall the last couple minutes...

"I'd like to take you up on your offers..." My offers... Ok I need to fish out my hidden alcohol but what other offer? Meh, I'll figure it out later.


Thanks for waiting. I re-wrote what I remembered but it got deleted AGAIN so this time I wrote it in my notes then pasted it.

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