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Kate is a girl full of talents, she dances, she's a gymnast, and a straight A student. But she also has a few tricks up her sleeve.
(MILD LANGUAGE, it won't be extremely bad but there will be swear words.)


3. Gotta be comfortable incase you gotta kick ass!

___10:47 a.m. October 21st 2014___

Yeah I'm gonna be boring and tell you how I wake up in the morning and blah blah. So usually I take a shower. If I feel like it and actually care about how I really look, I'll put on make up* while my hair air dries. I'll usually pull my long black hair back like one of my favorite anime characters, Asuna Yuki*. Then I get changed, like any other human being. I figured since I had it laying on my bed that I would wear my red tank top* today. I put on my favorite distressed jeans*, and my leather studded(ish) jacket* among that I added a bracelet* and a necklace*. I walked out of my room and made a U turn right back into it.

"Shoes and money are important Kate." I had to remind myself as to why I came back to my room. I grabbed my wallet* and put on some black studded flats*. Your probably like 'flats? wtf? she's dressing all bad ass with her leather jacket and she puts on flats?!' But hey, you gotta be comfortable incase you gotta kick ass!

I left my house with a note on the table letting my family know I was off to Max's house.

I walked up to Dunkin Donuts and ordered what I call my usual.

Two chocolate doughnuts. Nothing else.

And that is because Dunkin fucking Donuts doesn't sell monster. So I stopped at a gas station to buy myself two cans. Or three, one for max. Maybe.


*see picture

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