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Kate is a girl full of talents, she dances, she's a gymnast, and a straight A student. But she also has a few tricks up her sleeve.
(MILD LANGUAGE, it won't be extremely bad but there will be swear words.)


2. Firey fist of fury!

___ 2:30 a.m. October 21st 2014___

"I swear to-" I cringed as my sister ran water over my cut up knuckles.

"-God that guy was made of metal."

"We'll your the dumb ass who stayed out late to fight him." My sister, Janus, began to wrap up my hand.

I stood up looking at her as she put away the first aid kit.

"He hit Max! You couldn't have expected me to just stand there!"

"And I didn't expect you to, you did the right thing, I just don't see why you had to use your fists and not just burn him a little. You do have that ability if you forgot-"

"I didn't forget," I interrupted Janus, "I punched him square in the jaw with a firery fist of fury."

Janus laughed at me and capped her water. She was about to say something when we heard a car door close. All it took was eye contact and we bolted for our rooms. I quickly dropped my shoes off at my door, and changed my pants faster than a mousetrap snaps. I took a 10 point dive into my bed and as soon as the covers went over me I heard the front door open. Safe.

"Shhh don't wake the girls." I heard my mom come upstairs. Shit. We forgot to turn off the bathroom light.

"Looks like someone was tired when then had to pee!" My mom was so drunk, but she didn't find the light on suspicious, thank god.

My dad, obviously sober, came up the stairs and closed my door. Then I'm pretty sure my mom managed to fall down the stairs. Good job mom.

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