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Kate is a girl full of talents, she dances, she's a gymnast, and a straight A student. But she also has a few tricks up her sleeve.
(MILD LANGUAGE, it won't be extremely bad but there will be swear words.)


1. Commin in hot!

___12:34 a.m. October 21st 2014___

"Can I do it now?" I said, bouncing back and forth on my toes smirking as my friend Max walked towards me.

"Beat the shit out of that asshole," She smiled and touched my shoulder lightly "Just don't get yourself killed."

"Alright," I had said to her before turning around to face my soon to be opponent.

"Comin in hot!" I yelled, as I ran towards the man and flicked my wrists as my hands caught on fire.

It's go time.

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