Down The Road

Well There was a girl named Serenity and she had a brother, 'sister in law' boyfriend,friends. She has a lot of drama in her life so watch out you may be the cause of it so thank you guys for even looking at this.


1. 1

Everybody wanna still my girl everybody wanna take her heart away couple billion in the whole wide world find some other one cause she belongs to me

I listened to my alarm not wanting to turn it off. Then it played over as I was reaching up to turn it off woosh water spilt on me. I jumped up only to see my brother laughing. " Luke you know that's not funny" I scolded at him. "Sorry little sis, but it wasn't funny your right it was hilarious" Luke said continuing to laugh.

I just glared at him as I saw him walk out my room still laughing. I looked for some clothes I found: white high waisted shorts and a purple crop top with white vans. After I got ready I went down stairs to see Luke and his girlfriend Lacey.

To be honest I never liked Lacey. "Hi Lacey" I said to her. She didn't say anything. 'I didn't have to speak at all I swear people these days' I said I thought to myself. "What Did you say." I just looked at her liked she looked at me. " Babe she always does this to me all I try to do is be nice" Lacey 'cried' to Luke. " Serenity be nice Lacey didn't do anything to you." I gave Luke the 'are you serious look' " Luke you were standing right here you saw everything how could you just do that, I understand that she is your girlfriend but I am your sister and I'm younger than you by 1year, I knew you longer than 1 month." I said to Luke raising my voice with every word. Luke and Lacey

I stood there waiting for an reply,but I didn't get a response out of neither of them. "I'm going to Harry's Flat." I said walking out but suddenly stopped by Luke's voice. " I thought I said break up with him."you can't make me do anything Luke" I told him. "He actually can since he is your Guardian" Lacey said. " Shut up Lacey didn't anyone ask you to jump in the conversation." " Hey! Don't talk to her like that Serenity she is right." Luke boomed at me. "No! I can talk to whoever I want to talk to." I boomed back at him. "I still don't know why mom had you, I wish you could disappear! Nobody likes you !

Ooo who said that I wonder who find out in the next chapter!!!!

I not new to this stuff so I'll tell you guys about me in the next chapter I hope you read this please do

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