He's With Her - Michael Clifford


1. chapter 1

Walking through the school hallways has never been my specialty, something horrible is always bound to happen to me. Mainly because I'm basically a nobody.

I quickly make it to my locker, with so far nothing happening, maybe nothing will happen today?

I grab my books for firstly, homeroom then first and seconds periods. 

I walk slowly with my head down trying to avoid eye contact. Bad idea. I wasn't too careful watching my surroundings as I bumped into a strong firm chest. My books fall onto the floor, and I look to see the one and only, Michael Clifford himself. 

Michael was probably the most popular guy at school, he got any girl he wanted, he was a bad boy yet got good grades (weird right?). Me being the complete loser and retard I am drop down immediately onto the ground slowly picking up all my books.

"I-I'm sorry, I d-didn't see you." I stutter, oh my lord I'm embarassment to myself.

"Hey don't worry about it, it was my fault aswell." He says to me, now kneeling on the ground helping me pick up some of my books. 

"Did you draw this?" I look up to see him holding one of my drawings, the one he's referring to is my Blink-182 collage thing that I was just messing around with. 

"Uh y-yeah, I did, it's nothing special, just a scibble." I say continuing to pick up my stuff. I notice a few people staring at us then I hear it, I hear my absolute worst fear. 

"MIKEYYYYY! What are you doing on the ground?" Hayley Gray, the most popular, yet fake girl you'll ever see. I lift my head up, to see her death staring me intently her eyes locked on me.

"Ewwww, gross Mikey, get up, I can't believe your helping this little twat, picking up all her junk and crappy drawings. Let's go Mikey." Ouch that hurt. I keep my head down picking up the last few sheets of paper that went flying, and stand up.

"I wasn't it was my fault anyway." He says standing up with me.

"Sorry again and nice drawing, Blink-182 are awesome and so is that drawing." He gives me a little smile and I half smile weakly back to him. 

"Thanks." I say in a small little voice. 

"Michael!' I hear Hayley say from a little bit down the hall, he walks away, and as soon as he reaches her, she latches on him like a nasty rash or a koala on a branch. 

I sigh and make my way to homeroom to be greet by not only my best friend herself, Keira. 

"Alexx!" Keira squeals and hugs me. 

"What's newwww?" She asks as we take our usual seats near the front of the room.

"Well just about 5 minutes ago I literally bumped into Michael Clifford, and yes Key the Michael Clifford, bad boy Michael, hunky Michael, muscle Michael the Michael Clifford." Her jaw literally drops open.

"Your joking right?! OMGGG LEX TELL ME WHAT HAPPEN." She excitedly screams, shaking me.

"Well I accidently bumped into his chest, and all my books and sheets fell to the ground and were going everywhere, and next thing i know he's helping me pick them up and saying sorry and said that he liked my Blink-182 drawing. Then Hayley came, and she made him get up and they walked away." I explain to her with my face becoming sad as I talk about the last parts. All my life Hayley Gray has literally been making my life horrible and awful everysince grade 7. She picks on me, teases me, makes me feel like I'm worthless, and nothing. She actually makes my life a living hell and that's the reason why I am always so afraid walking through the school halls because of her, and only her. She's been bullying me ever since grade 7. She always makes sure she gets everything I can't and want to get. Like for example Michael Clifford. If it wasnt for me she wouldn't know he exsists at all and what sucks the most is that I've had a crush on Michael since grade 5, now im in grade 11, shocker. It's kinda sad though, I've tried to like someone else but hasn't really worked out the best. 

"Don't worry about her Alex, seriously. She's just jealous of you because your 100% real and true beauty whereas, she's 110% plastic barbie doll fake. And don't you have first period with Michael? Maths?" Damn it, I forgot, me and Michael are in the same maths class, the top maths class might I say aswell. Well I guess I'll just do my best to avoid him.

"He barely knows I exist Key, theres no point and he's the schools bad boy, player, I don't even know why I like him so baddly." I say sighing, slowing drawing little flowers on the side of my book.

"Umm Alex are you serious, HE BLOODY HELPED PICK UP ALL YOUR SHIT WHEN YOU DROP IT BY BUMPING INTO HIM AND HE COMPLIMENTED ON YOUR DRAWING. You guys can basically get married now." I laugh at my best friends crazy hyperness. 

The bell rings and we go our seperate ways to our seperate classes. To be honest, I'm actually quite nervous to go to maths. Just because of Michael, but as always I'll just sit at the back of my room by myself.

As I make my way into maths my eyes immediately find Michael sitting at his desk taking to a cheerleader girl, giggling on his desk. I make my way to my usual seat and get my books out ready for the lesson to start. 

"Okay students take your seats." Says my maths teacher Mr. Jayson.

"Today you'll all be put into pairs and whoever your pair is, is who your gonna work on your assignment and project with. I have already chosen pairs and heres who they are." He starts rambling on about all the pairs until he said my name.. My heart had literally stopped. 

"Alexa Hayne, and Michael Clifford. You two will be partners now common pull along a desk so you can sit next to eacher. Everyone whoever your partner is, is who you sit next to for the rest of the year. Now, all of you get started with your assignments and new partners. Enjoy!" 

I see Michael slowly make his way towards me and pulls across the closet table until its right up against mine. Well this will be interesting...







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