Something's Waiting In The Deep

A dare. So simple, so stupid, and so unknowingly deadly. That's what causes several high school students to die at the hands of a mysterious force. And now their friends may have to pay the price too.


5. The Haunted House

"Hey, guys!" I said upon arriving to my friends at the corner of Elm Street. They greeted me cheerfully. A cold wind buffeted me, and I snuggled deeper into my scarf as I reached them.

"Hey, Kendra!" said Victor. He slipped my hand into his, and I smiled up at him.

"So, why'd you guys want me to come here?" I asked, a bit confused. I'd received a text from my boyfriend, Victor, to come as quickly as I could, and I was a little worried. I had thought maybe something had happened, but nothing looked wrong.

"There's this haunted house on Cherrywood Avenue that was shut down because the owners said it was actually haunted," Avery said. The others nodded in agreement and stepped off into the street. I followed them, guessing what we were doing.

"Awesome, we going to check it out?" I asked, grinning at Noel.

"You bet we are!" cheered Noel. She adored haunted houses and scary things.

"So, what happed with Chloe, Vanessa, and Fiona?" I asked Victor as we followed the others across the empty street. On a Thursday afternoon, not many cars were out in our small town. Most people, like I had been on vacation away. I looked at Victor when he didn't respond immediately. His face was uneasy as he cleared his throat. He nodded at Avery. The rest of the group was in an uneasy silence.

"So, Ryan, Nina, Fiona, Faith, Jake, and I went on a tour at one of those old prison towers. We stayed behind to go snoop in a room where some guy who was really dangerous died. Fiona was really excited, and ran right up. We started up slowly. When we were about go up, we heard a scream. We ran up, and found Fiona dead on the ground."

"That's so creepy," I whispered, frightened. "But what about Vanessa and Chloe?" Victor nodded.

"Well, Vanessa and her friends broke into Ramona Mansion, and Chloe was vandalizing a head stone," Victor told me. I nodded, my mouth formed in a small o. The building where the haunted house was came into view. We hurried to a small window, and waited as Avery cult the lock on it with a bolt cutter.

"I'm going in first!" I called, hurrying forward excitedly. Slipping through the small square, I walked into the dark hallway.

"What do you see?" called Avery, sounding excited. Other than creepy decorations, there wasn't much.

"They have some cool decorations," I called back, turning the corner into a different room. "Better than the one last year." The room I was in a had a little girl's dusty bed, and several decapitated dolls on shelves. I walked forward, shaking off shivers, and peeked through an archway into another room. It was decorated with spiders, and webs hung from the ceiling, catching in my blonde hair. I stepped forward into the room and froze. An icy electric wave flooded through me. I could sense someone, or something behind me in the doll room. A pit of doom settled in my stomach, and I closed my eyes for a second. Finally, hoping against hope that it was just my friends, I started to turn. But somewhere in me, I knew that hope was in vain.

And I screamed.

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