Something's Waiting In The Deep

A dare. So simple, so stupid, and so unknowingly deadly. That's what causes several high school students to die at the hands of a mysterious force. And now their friends may have to pay the price too.


2. The Cemetery

I rubbed my hands together and held them out to the crackling bonfire. Once they were warm, I held them against my ears. Even though a grey beanie covered my red hair, it did not help my ears in the slightest. Sneaking a glance at all of my friends gathered around the fire, I let out a sigh, hoping for attention. Normally, our annual campouts were filled with laughs and pranks. But I guess my friends just aren't in the mood. Hoping to energize them back up, and because I was feeling bored, I decided to start a traditional game.

"You guys want to play Truth or Dare?" I inquired, waggling my eyebrows at them. They glanced at me and smiled, as I was usually the one to start the pranks.

"You want to play that game?" Jake asked, pretending to be reluctant. The firelight danced in his brown eyes, with his matching brown hair covered with his stupid Yankees cap. "What a surprise."

"Oh come on!" I whined. "I'm so bored!" Sarah sighed mockingly, and I stuck my tongue out at the dirty blonde beauty. Why they always felt the need to pretend to be tired of me, I'll never know. But it was all good fun.

"Whatever would we do if you weren't here to drag us into trouble?" Sarah asked, still messing with me. She raised a finger in mock surprise. "Oh, I know! Have a peaceful camp out."

"No, you'd die of boredom and cold," I shot back playfully. "May I remind you that I'm the only one here who can actually make a fire?"

Maybe that's why we keep you here," Avery teased. I immediately contradicted him.

"No, it's because of my amazing looks and talents," I said twirling my hair around my finger like a dumb blonde, even though I was quite the opposite. My red hair and green eyes matched perfectly together, and so I had no complaints. Avery laughed and yanked my grey beanie over my eyes.

"You keep telling yourself that," he said, rolling his eyes.

"Can we play, or do we have to wait for you two to stop flirting?" Rose teased, brushing her brown bangs out of ocean blue eyes.

"I know, I'm just like kiss already!" Sarah whispered loudly, her hazel eyes teasing me silently. Avery and I blushed, before silencing ourselves.

"Since you want to play it, you get to answer first," said Sarah told me bossily. "Truth or dare?"

"Dare!" I picked immediately. Sarah stopped to think for a moment, before her face light up with an idea.

"I dare you to kiss Avery!" she squealed, always the matchmaker. My jaw dropped, and Jake and Rose immediately cracked up at my face.

"I've never seen anyone look so disgusted!" she chortled, practically crying.

"I'm not that bad!" Avery defended himself. I just glared murder at Sarah. I knew I shouldn't have told her of my crush. Glaring, I turned and planted a big one on Avery's lips. The air seemed to freeze for the two seconds they were connected before I pulled back. The heat in my face told me I was blushing scarlet red, as did my friend's laughter. By the time they were finished, Sarah was hunched over, Jake was leaning back in his chair, and Rose was rolling around on the ground. Avery just looked a little dumb founded, before pulling himself together. When they had wiped their tears and Rose pulled herself from the snowy ground, I continued our game.

"Rose, truth or dare?" I asked her. She thought for a moment before responding.

"Dare," she said, grinning like mad. I smiled evilly back, and scooped up a sludgy handful of snow from beneath my boots.

"Take a bite of this," I told the now disgusted germ freak.

"What?!" she shrieked. "Do you know how many germs are in that?!" I nodded, fighting back laughter. The others chuckled with me. Rose glared, and took the pile out of my mouth. Grimacing, she bit it. We howled with more laughter as her face screwed up at the horrible taste. After several attempts to swallow it, she spit it out.

"That'll just have to do," she said. I nodded reluctantly, tempted by the idea of making her eat more.

"You're turn, Sarah," Avery said.

"I dare you too....." Rose paused. "Go into the cemetery and vandalize a grave." Everyone gasped in shock. Rose wasn't the one who normally gave the hard ones.

"But that could wake up spirits," Sarah fretted. I rolled my eyes at the superstitious girl. Ever since her grand dad died, she'd been paranoid.

"It's just a myth," Rose said dismissively. "Sides, I though you got over your paranoia."

"I don't have a paranoia. And no, it's not just a myth," Sara shot back. "My grand dad died because he smashed a headstone once." Rose immediately scoffed at that, and arguments broke out among the group. Avery sided with Rose, and Jake with Sarah. I rolled my eyes at their childishness, although I suppose I can't say anything. Finally, I irritably stopped them.

"I'll do it, you big chickens," I yelled over their voices, standing up and brushing snow off of my butt. Everyone stared at me as I crossed the white snow to the graveyard. The fog covering the cemetery gave it a creepy look, and I shivered involuntarily at the entrance, before pressing on. I hurried along the row of graves, a bad feeling in my gut. There's no way I can back off now, so I continued on until I reached a weathered, crumbly headstone. It was practically in pieces, so it wouldn't even be noticed. Picking up a large rock, I began to crush the headstone, or, what was left of it. The crunching sound filled the dead air, and soon it was a pile of rubble. I stood up and turned, ready to leave. But as I stood there, I could feel someone behind me. A cold breath hit the back off my neck. Shaking, I prayed it was a prank and turned to face whoever, or whatever was behind me.

And I screamed.  

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