Something's Waiting In The Deep

A dare. So simple, so stupid, and so unknowingly deadly. That's what causes several high school students to die at the hands of a mysterious force. And now their friends may have to pay the price too.


6. A Little Girl

"Kaitlyn!" Avery shouted, pounding on the door. "Open up and stop hiding!" The group outside huddled into their jackets against the cold, looking around uneasily. The porch light flicked on, revealing the faces of Avery, Jake, Sarah, Sallie, Nina, Noel, Faith, Ryan, Will, Rose, and Victor. Kaitlin peeked out, bags heavy under her eyes, her hair pulled up in a messy bun.

"What do you want?" she whispered, even though she knew very well they wanted. Will glared, and she relented, opening the door and letting them troop up the stairs to her room. When they'd all settled in on her bed and floor, she spoke.

"I'm not telling you what I saw," she started, but was interrupted by Victor.

"Kaitlin, I lost my girlfriend," he snapped. Will nodded in agreement. "And the rest of us lost some very good friends. You will tell us what you saw. You owe it to us. Because of you, Vanessa died." Tears gathered in Kaitlin's eyes at that sentence.

"I just..." she trailed off, fidgeting with her blanket. Finally, she whispered out two words. "I'm scared."

"What of?" Rose asked gently, sending Victor a glare that told him 'shut up and let me handle this'

"That she'll come for me," Kaitlin responded. She took a deep breath, and continued. "I saw a little girl. But not just any little girl. Her night gown was covered in blood and dirt. She held a decapitated doll. And her eyes. They were all black, and so cold. And later, I realized who it was."

"Who?" Noel asked, the group holding their breath for her answer. Kaitlin paused for a moment, before responding.

"I was researching about the mansion we broke into," she started. "A long time ago, there lived the Steed family. They had a little girl. Later, they moved away, near where the tower that you guys toured was. She died there, and the man in the tower you guys snuck into was her killer. Her body was brought back to the graveyard where you guys camped. The place where the haunted house is was where they prepared her body for burial." Silence followed this discovery, until Nina spoke quietly.

"What was her name?" she asked. Everyone turned to look at her. She ignored their looks. "The girl, what was her name?" Kaitlin looked at her for a moment, before looking down.

"Emily Whittman," she murmured. "Emily Whittman." Suddenly, the lights flickered. Everyone's head snapped up, and watched as the lights continued their rapid on and off motion.

"No," Kaitlin whimpered, drawing her knees to her chest. "She's coming, she's heard me." Everybody watched her in the flickering light, startled. Before anyone could say a word, however, the lights stayed off, plunging them in darkness. There was silence, until Faith whispered.

"Will, why are you touching my hair?" she asked.

"I'm not touching you," Will whispered back. They all froze, knowing what this meant. All was silent, and then, in unison, they all let out a blood curling scream. Then the darkness ensued, and silence took its place once again, not breaking until the morning light filtered in the room to reveal twelve dead bodies, and the scream of Kaitlin's mother chased it away.

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